Great Allegheny Passage Tour FAQ

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Great Allegheny Passage Tour FAQ

Wilderness Voyageurs on the Great Allegheny Passage


If you’ve ridden the Great Allegheny Passage in Ohiopyle, you’ve been just a stone’s throw away from our home base here at Wilderness Voyageurs. Our outfitter has been in Ohiopyle (at mile 72 on the GAP!) since 1964, and we’ve been renting bikes on the GAP back when it was called the Yough River Trail. Wilderness Voyageurs is the leading bike tour operator on the Great Allegheny Passage. We offer four-day bike tours from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, a beginner-friendly three-day highlight tour on the GAP, and a six-day adventure from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. on the GAP and C&O Canal Towpath.

If you’re thinking about doing one of these tours, you’ve probably got some questions. What’s the surface like on the trail? How many people will be on the tour with me? What’s the lodging like? To give you answers, we turned to some of the guests who’ve joined us for an adventure on the GAP!


Great allegheny passage ohiopyle low bridge

Can I ride the GAP trail if I’m a beginner?

My 4-day bike trip on the Great Allegheny Passage was exactly what I had hoped for. Being a beginner cyclist, I was a bit apprehensive. However, by following their excellent training guide, I was able to successfully accomplish my trip. The trip itself was with two fabulous guides who did so much for everyone to see that we had what we needed. Whenever I had a question and called them, they were wonderful with information and guidance. I feel that Wilderness Voyageurs really pays attention to details and comfort both in lodging choices and cuisine. Top notch operation! I am looking forward to being a repeat customer!

Cherie Redfern
Wooster, OH


Great allegheny passage ohiopyle How many people do you take?

The ride was so much fun. We had regular rest stops for water, bananas, oranges, and other biking snacks. Our guides, Andreas and Megan, were terrific. Wonderful overnight stops. And it was so nice to be in a small group of twelve!*

Russ Jennings
Richmond, VA

*Twelve is the maximum number of people we take on all of our trips.


support vehicleCan I get in the support van if I get tired?

The trip was awesome!! Our bike tour guides, Josh and Bill, were the most patient professionals for this type activity one could ever hope for. We were about the slowest cyclists in the group and they didn’t make us feel inferior at all! Josh gladly let us ride the van for a bit on a particularly hot day. Thank you for working so hard on this great adventure for us!

Keith Fussell
Bartlett, TN


Great allegheny passage ohiopyle How is the lodging along the way?

I just finished the Great Allegheny Bike Tour. The scenery was beautiful, the trail was in excellent condition… The lodging and meals certainly went beyond my expectations. My favorite evening was at the Inn at Lenora’s – the meal was out of the world and so was the room. Would highly recommend this trip to anyone.

Nancy Einwich
Hampshire, IL

This was our 2nd bike trip with Wilderness Voyageurs and it was fantastic! We biked the GAP from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, MD. Beautiful trails, tunnels, windmills, coke ovens, [Salisbury] Viaduct – just to name a few highlights. Montana and Bob great guides! The Inn at Lenora’s was beautiful and we had an amazing meal there, the Trillium Lodge is so warm and comfortable… Fantastic fellow bikers made this a trip to remember.

-TripAdvisor Reviewer 

Allentown, Pennsylvania


What is the surface of the GAP trail?

I enjoyed the bike tour! I especially liked the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP), which had a good surface of crushed gravel and a 23 mile downhill. I loved biking through the lush forests, seeing local birds and animals. I loved the bridges and tunnels along the way.

Patricia Elson
Santa Clara, CA


Great allegheny passage ohiopyle bridge by confluenceWhat are the rental bikes like?

My wife and I recently took your 4 day GAP rail trail trip… We rented bikes and felt that the equipment was in excellent condition, which is something very important when taking a bike trip. We would definitely recommend Wilderness Voyageurs to anyone interested in a rail trail bike trip!

Richard R.

Louisville, KY

*More information on Wilderness Voyageurs Bike Tour Rentals.


How do the tour guides support me? 

We started the week [on the 6-day Pittsburgh to D.C. bike tour] with a two day ride of 130 miles on the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP). The cycling was on a well maintained packed gravel rails trail with a long gradual uphill until we reached the Continental Divide – then it was a 20 plus glorious downhill ride into Cumberland, MD. Going through the short tunnel that marked the Continental Divide was a highlight of the trip.

The guides Josh and Bob were outstanding: Each day we were briefed on that day’s journey and given trip sheets and tour sheets as what to see at the various mile markers. One guide drove the support van each day and set up the rest stops and made lunch for us while the other guide swept the trail. At the end of the day, the guides hosed down our muddy bikes and lubed the chains – much appreciated!

Ronald Stefanski
Niskayuna, NY

*More information on Wilderness Voyageurs Bike Tour Guides.


Great allegheny passage ohiopyle fallingwater group Is there time to see anything else?

My husband and I enjoyed every aspect of this trip… Having the opportunity to tour Fallingwater was a major highlight! Thank you for a wonderful vacation.

Lianne Knight
Colton, NY


Great allegheny passage ohiopyle pinkertonWhat was the most interesting part of your trip?

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the three-day Easy Rider on the Great Allegheny Passage. The trail is incredible, and is a great experience in nature. There is also the intersection with the history of the rail and industry of the 1800s by experiencing many bridges, tunnels and more than one viaduct crossing during this experience.

Michael Johnson
Carmel, Indiana


Great allegheny passage ohiopyle continental divideDon’t be afraid to have an adventure!

In 4 days we covered 150 miles, made new friends, saw small town hospitality and had an absolutely wonderful time!

From registering to riding, this trip was a great experience. Its obvious that Wilderness Voyageurs and the bike tour guides really want to make sure you have a good time, feel comfortable and are supported throughout the trip.

Anyone who wants to do this ride can do it. Don’t be afraid to have an adventure! It’s a ton of fun, a great workout and a chance to meet new people. Thanks Wilderness Voyageurs… we will do another trip with you in the future!

Carol Larson
Lancaster, PA

Whatever bike tour you choose to do next, Wilderness Voyageurs is here to provide support and make your vacation fantastic! All of our inn-to-inn bike tours include a support vehicle, two professional guides, fantastic food and well-planned routes to incredible places. Join us on your next adventure!

If you have any more questions about bike tours, read our Bike Tour FAQ page, or call us at 800-272-4141!