Bike Tour Guides

Bike Tour Managers

Kasia Martin

Kasia is the Director of Bike Tours here at Wilderness Voyageurs. Kasia hails from Boulder, Colorado, where she worked in the high tech field and like a good Boulderite, she commuted to work year round on her bike.  She has an infectious smile, and is well known for her communication and commitment to both details and having a good time. Kasia manages the entire Wilderness Voyageurs bike tour department!

Lori Liskovec

Lori is a native of Elmira, New York. She enjoys bike touring – near and far, yoga, cooking, and flower gardening. She credits her love for cooking to the long winters in upstate New York, when she spends way too much time experimenting with recipes! You’re likely to meet her on the Erie Canal. If you do, you’re in for a treat – Lori crafts the fanciest support stop snacks of the whole staff. She likes to create healthy, delicious food, making sure to highlight local favorites and seasonal treats …. after all, “food is fuel!”

Mark Piccone

A native of upstate New York and retired Army helicopter pilot, Mark came to Wilderness Voyageurs in 2020 with six years of bike tour guiding experience. Following his military service, Mark bounced around the U.S. teaching high school, working as a personal trainer and running coach, and fixing bikes at the local bike store as a mechanic. When he’s not leading tours, Mark enjoys training for triathlons and traveling with his wife.

Jesse Wilson

Jesse comes from a long career of outdoor guiding and management! He joined team Wilderness Voyageurs in 2021 as a guide and tour manager!

Nic Blouin

Nic has always been a professional guide — first on rivers, then rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and road cycling. She has over 20,000 touring miles in the saddle (38 states plus Canada) on short trips, long trips & six times across the country. She’s also been a writer almost as long, focused on outdoor adventure & fitness and author of five guidebooks. When she’s not on the bike, Nic performs tour manager duties from her dog sits in Santa Fe or from the road in her camper van.

Rachel Luden

Rachel is an all-around outdoorswoman, and someone you definitely want in your adventure crew! An avid trail runner and cyclist, Rachel started her career with Wilderness Voyageurs as a whitewater raft guide. After working as a guide for a few years, Rachel went to nursing school and worked as a traveling nurse all around the country. She’s recently transitioned back into the outdoor industry as a bike tour guide and tour manager for Wilderness Voyageurs. On her time off, Rachel enjoys gardening, making crafts, doing yoga, backcountry skiing and hiking in the woods with friends.

Karen Gates

Karenhas been riding bikes for years. When she was just a little tyke, she would take her uncle’s English Racer up to a cement block, climb onto the bike from the block, and ride to the end of the driveway. She couldn’t turn it around so she’d fall off to the side and walk it back to the cement block. She can make turns now…but only to the left. She is happily retired from an airline where she would take cycling vacations–she’s ridden tours in France and the US and has participated in the FL AIDS ride from Orlando to Miami.

Alexis Viene

Alexis recently discovered her love for cycling on the gravel roads of the Midwest. She spends most of the year in Kansas City, where she was born and raised. She works as a technology coordinator for a school, which allows her summers off to pursue her first passion — travel! When she’s not planning her own adventures, she’s managing bike tours and helping plan amazing adventures for our guests.

Jason Andelman

Jason is from the Washington, D.C. area and currently lives in Arlington, VA with his wife and two teenage daughters. His background is in culinary work, and he was a pastry chef for a number of years before opening his own chocolate shop. He recently sold the chocolate business after 16 years and is now shifting gears (pun intended) career-wise. He currently works part-time at a local bike shop, does a little bit of freelance cooking and will be guiding a variety of tours for Wilderness Voyageurs! He is active in the outdoors, mainly with cycling (road, gravel, and mountain) but he also loves backcountry skiing, hiking, flyfishing, cooking, and watching Nats baseball.

Tammy Schurr

Tammy is passionate about bike travel and is grateful for the connections she made with the people and the places her two wheeled travels have afforded her. She’s equally passionate about sharing the adventure of bicycle travel with others including adults and families. After leading bicycle tours throughout the US and Canada the last 20 years Tammy became a tour manager to continue supporting others to ride, connect and explore on two wheels.

Bike Tour Guides

Gary Smith

Gary Smith remembers his first 10-speed Flamboyant Lime Schwinn Varsity bike a long time ago. Many bikes later and bike adventures in over 28 states and 5 continents, Gary now enjoys more biking time as a retired Pennsylvania State Park employee. Decades of inquisitiveness have filled his head with history, trivia and some very dry humor. He can help you enjoy your bike exploration adventure! Gary also travels domestically and internationally by faster conveyances as a volunteer bone marrow courier for the National Marrow Donor Program (Be The Match). He donated his marrow in 2000 and his recipient in Sydney, Australia is now 21 years+ leukemia free.

Colleen O’Neil

Colleen is an Ohiopyle local who came to work at Wilderness Voyageurs after high school. She grew up riding her bike on the Great Allegheny Passage, swimming in the Yough and running the trails around the state park. Colleen took her cycling hobby to new level when she rode the Great Divide Mountain Bike Race in 2017. In the off-season, she and her husband Montana put all their things in storage and travel somewhere warm to ride their bikes.

Paul Kingsbury

Paul lives in Elmira, NY where he’s owned a bicycle shop for nearly 40 years. He’s a lifelong cyclist with a passion for touring and helping others on tour. He’s led tours and managed mobile mechanical support for tours large and small for over a decade. The Finger Lakes and Erie Canal areas of New York State are his backyard. Living in the area, knowing the roads around the Lakes, and traveling the Canal for so many years makes him a bit of an expert on the area. Ask him anything, if he doesn’t know the answer he’ll make up something good!

James Oerding

James remembers building tree houses next to a BMX track as a youth in High Ridge, MO, but can’t seem to recall growing up.  After a journalism degree landed him in logistics, and a teaching certification landed him coaching tennis; he has come full-circle to rehabbing old houses and riding bikes, and you can’t slap the smile off of his face. A bicycle advocate who has a preternatural sense to wander, has no tolerance for boredom and wasn’t born to follow.  It’s easy to see why he loves being a bicycle tour guide.

Teri Moore

Teri fell in love with cycling 26 years ago when she bought her first road bike. But after discovering self-contained bicycle travel and rail trails, she knew she’d bike forever. She’s an artist, and cycle travel allows her to take time to meditate on her work while seeing the world in a whole new way – with the added bonus of staying fit!

Dave Cutcliff

Dave currently lives in Hershey, PA and has been guiding for WV since 2015. His passion for sport has been evident his whole adult life. After rowing in HS and College, he took a 25 year break from rowing because of various moves and participated in various other sports. He took up rowing again in 2000 and continued until 2015, when he got into biking. He has since done self guided tours with his wife and friends in both England and Sweden, as well as doing a cross country ride in 2017 with two friends. In his spare time, he enjoys kayaking, running, golf and skiing. He also works part time at a local Mountain near Hershey.

Chris Reed

A Pennsylvania native, Chris came to Ohiopyle to learn to be a raft guide in the summer of 2017 and stayed to guide bike tours. Aside from cycling and whitewater, his areas of interest include farming, foraging, construction projects relying on re-used and re-purposed materials, backpacking and crockpots. He’s lived in Missoula, Montana, where he enjoyed swimming in the Clark Fork and gazing at snow-capped peaks. But he always finds himself coming back to the Appalachian hills and mountains. Chris views life as an opportunity to “live deep and suck all the marrow out of life.”

Montana Miller

Montana started selling chips in the Wilderness Voyageurs store in 2009, and now takes care of our fleet of tour bikes. Most winters he rides self-supported bike tours with his wife Colleen, where they’ve cruised around Vietnam, Mexico, the mountain west, Laos, and New Zealand. His main passions are riding his mountain bike off large rocks, sunshine, garishly printed shirts, fixing his Jeep, metal work and holding his fuzzy yellow cat upside down. He also enjoys a cocktail or three.

Dave Erb

Dave’s childhood interest in tearing apart bicycles and lawnmowers to make them run better led him to a career in Mechanical Engineering, designing and developing machines. His adventurous spirit has led him on many bicycle touring adventures including several international trips and a recent trek cross-country USA. Dave also enjoys skiing, running, tennis, kayaking, backpacking,  and restoring his 160 year old farmhouse. Dave’s friendly attitude will help you enjoy life-in-the-moment with his natural curiosity about his surroundings.

Steve Kauffman

Steve is a kayaker, ski racer, raft guide and bike tour guide at Wilderness Voyageurs. A graduate of West Virginia University, Steve spends his winters as a ski patroller at Canaan Valley Ski Resort in West Virginia.

Mike Beller

Mike is a life-long biker and grew up riding in New York’s Hudson Valley.  Since riding his bike to elementary school, through commuting to work 100 miles per week, his biking adventures have taken him up and down the East Coast and to many of Wilderness Voyageurs’ destinations. Mike enjoys meeting and riding with bikers of all skills; learning from more experienced bikers and coaching and encouraging newer bikers to meet their goals and have fun. He enjoys planning bike trips for friends and family and he volunteers at local food banks and one of DC’s community gardens supplying fresh organic produce to those in need.  Mike’s natural curiosity and engaging personality make him an entertaining and fun guide.

Kathy Metz

Before coming to Wilderness Voyageurs, Kathy was a Park Ranger at West Virginia’s North Bend State Park. Kathy loves hiking, cycling and the outdoors. She decided to bring her big smile and expertise to our bike tours in 2017!

Angelo Ross

Whether it’s bikes, skis, skateboards, or running shoes, Angelo tries to propel himself forward (and occasionally backward) every day. Angelo is a retired high school biology and ecology teacher, and a purveyor of semi-useful factoids. He is the Training Director for Seven Springs, Hidden Valley, and Laurel Mountain Snowsports Schools, a member of the Professional Ski Instructors of America Education Staff, and a member of the National Ski Patrol.

Lea Chidlow

Lea guides the GAP4 and GAP5 trips for Wilderness Voyageurs Bike Tours. Growing up just outside of Pittsburgh, Lea’s favorite place to explore as a child was Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. Who knew she would someday have the opportunity to bike between home and her favorite place to play while introducing new friends to the history and beauty of the area? Being a local to the trail on which she guides, gives Lea a unique perspective of the narratives and people of the communities through which the Great Allegheny Passage rolls. Hiking, exploring and biking have always been her top three choices of recreation and sharing these activities with friends, old and new, is her definition of a good time.

Tom Sherburne

Tom joined WV in 2018 after 20 years in the outdoor industry as founder and CEO of Shred Ready kayak helmets and running Southern Outdoor Center, a kayaking instruction business for Auburn University.  Prior to those ventures he was an Adjunct faculty in Psychology at Auburn University. When Tom is not guiding you can find him on the slopes, backcountry skiing, on the MTB trails or on the rivers around Salida Colorado.  He enjoys MTB, touring and commuting on his bike and has completed several self-support bike tours including the Maah Daah Hey trail, the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Natchez Trace.

Josh Lawrey

Josh is a valuable guide here at Wilderness Voyageurs. Josh received his Bachelor and Master degrees in Parks and Recreational Resource Management and Environmental Education at Slippery Rock University. He served as Assistant Director for SRU Outdoor Adventures for two years, guides the Lower Yough, Upper Yough, and Cheat Rivers, and is one of our expert kayakers. He’s also put in guiding time on the Rio Grande in Texas, various rivers in Maine, and two seasons in Costa Rica on the Pacuare River. Josh also loves riding his mountain bike and can name ANY bird you see or hear.

Jim Polen

Jim has been interested in bikes ever since he was a child when he found his Schwin Varsity provided both his transportation and escape. Now that he is retired and his kids are out on their own, he has the opportunity to learn more from the experienced riders and do more with biking, sometimes without a plan. In his spare time, his other interests include, skiing, golfing and woodworking.

Philip Christopher

Philip’s first cycling job was during middle-school delivering newspapers. During college and throughout his career as a software engineer, Philip
continued to cycle for fun and exercise. He went on numerous self-supported bike trips with friends and later with family and new “bicycling friends” on
guided tours. Traveling by bicycle became a favorite way to travel off the beaten path at a perfect pace. It became a lifelong pastime and passion. As
a devoted fan of vacationing by bicycle, Philip is thrilled to share this passion with Wilderness Voyageurs guests to provide fun and memorable vacations.

Heather Reynolds

Heather is a Michigan native who moved to Ohiopyle in the spring of 2019. Her journey as a bicycle enthusiast began when she bought a shiny red road bike for her 16th birthday instead of a car, often preferring to pedal everywhere around town. After completing her first 200-mile bike tour alone up the west coast of Michigan, she knew she was hooked. She loves sharing her passion for bicycle touring with others and has tons of exciting travel stories to offer. Heather is warmhearted, loves inspiring others, and is a strong advocate for living in the moment.

Alex Ferguson

Alex makes his bed in many different places along the Missouri River valley. He grew up cycling on the Katy Trail, and many curvy and hilly areas of South-Central MO. The majority of his cycling is done on the mountain bike trail, though he does frequent the road bike per its convenience. For the past few years, he has spent countless days and nights paddling SUP’s on the MO river. Alex is an artist and musician in his hometown of Washington, MO, where he owns a woodworking shop and studio, building fine handcrafted Ukuleles. “Guiding the Katy is an amazing opportunity to share such a beautiful piece of the country with others. Missouri is a true hidden gem!”

Jody Kotun

Jody has a love for all things outdoors. She remembers getting her first 10 speed as a child for Christmas and has been biking ever since. You will find her
biking on the GAP throughout the summer. She also has a passion for hiking, skiing, sailing and kayaking. In the winter she is a Ski Patroller at Seven
Springs Mountain Resort. She and her husband spend winters and summers in the Pennsylvania mountains and spring and fall in St. Petersburg Florida. Jody loves meeting new people and sharing biking experiences with others.

TJ Statt

Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, TJ learned that a bicycle represented freedom and adventure when his father took him on his first “bikepacking” adventure at eight years old. From then on, he’s always looked to plan the next adventure or challenge. After raising his kids and completing a career as a process engineer, TJ “retired in his forties to relive his twenties” Now, living nomadically with his partner (Terri), he finds great pleasure in hiking, biking, disc golf, food, drink, paddling, and campfires with friends all over the North american continent. Be careful about asking him about his last or next adventure because he might not shut up…

Richard Mitchell

Rich and his family live in Lancaster County, PA – his photo shows some of the rolling hills of this agriculturally focused area! After graduating from Penn State, Rich listened to the logical part of his brain (really his wallet) and went into a technology career. However, his heart has always been with being outdoors and active- triathlons, skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, traveling, and motorcycling are all activities Rich loves. Additionally, he now teaches scuba diving, is starting an apiary, does trail runs with his dog, and guides bicycle tours for Wilderness Voyageurs.

Ralph Parks

A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native, Ralph has always enjoyed riding and repairing bikes. His favorite place in Western PA is Ohiopyle. His desire to become a tour guide started after doing the Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. trip. He found it very satisfying to schedule and organize his trips. After seeing the Wilderness Voyageurs vans and trailers in Ohiopyle he knew his calling was to become a tour guide for WV. His hobbies include working on his house in Deep Creek, skiing at Wisp and spending time with his family.

P.A. (Patty Ann) McLaughlin

P.A. hails from the great state of PA. currently living in her hometown of Pittsburgh. Being outdoors is her passion – she is a self-proclaimed “Outdoor Adventure Specialist” for all seasons. An accomplished skier, she spent many winters as a trainer for the National Ski Patrol and discovered her love for teaching and is now a ski instructor at a regional resort. She also plans ski trips for groups because she loves to travel. When learning to ride her first two-wheel bike she remembers being covered with bruises and road rash for an entire summer. Biking has become her go-to fair weather activity along with paddleboarding. At just 5’2”, what she lacks in height she makes up for in energy and enthusiasm for sharing the outdoors with others. Her employment video for WV was on the benefits of smiling and she looks forward to sharing the bikeways and smiles with you on your next bike trip! Happy Trails!

James Gonzalski

James has laid roots in Atlanta, GA where he lives with his partner, Alison, plus their dog, cat, and a couple turtles. Following college at Georgia Tech where he studied Computer Engineering, James spent 15 years at a great job in IT consulting. A relative newcomer to the sport of cycling, James only caught the bug in 2010. While living in the DC area for a few years he met his first cycling love: the Great Allegheny Passage plus C&O Canal trails. In 2016, James embarked on an “epitaph-worthy” bike trip from Seattle to Boston, made possible by tremendously supportive and generous family and employers. James is looking forward to bonding over bicycle tourism with Wilderness Voyageurs’s guests.

Matt Kitterman

Matt is a cycling enthusiast who enjoys all forms of non-motorized outdoor recreation. His hobbies include DIY home projects, gardening and 3D modeling. He enjoys sharing new experiences with people on bicycles. He is a snappy dresser.

Frank Bell

Frank’s connection with Wilderness Voyageurs began decades ago working on and around the Youghiogheny River as a photographer and river guide. A lifelong cyclist and experienced bike mechanic, his guiding experience began in the 80’s hosting “Discovery Bike Tours” in Pittsburgh. He enjoys meeting people and sharing his love of the natural world, history and geography with fellow cyclists. One of several organizers of the annual “Tour De Donut” ride in New Wilmington, his interests span biking, hiking, kayaking, traveling and learning. A certified drone pilot, he is the also the owner of
Top Pix, LLC.

Bill Rosche

Bill “Major” Rosche has enjoyed long bike rides his entire life. During his 30-year career as a Marine, he logged challenging rides in Africa, Asia, Hawaii and Europe including Ironman Japan in 2008. On The Mainland he has mountain biked and completed Century rides in some of the most scenic areas of the United States. An avid hiker and paddler, The Major has trained as a Wilderness First Responder, Leave No Trace Instructor and American Red Cross Lifeguard. When not riding or guiding bike tours, he does repairs and improvements for Falls City Pub and the Wilderness Voyageurs campus. Among his notable outdoor achievements are rowing The Grand Canyon, winter mountaineering on Mount Ranier and hiking from Death Valley to Mount Whitney. He gets outside as often as possible and his favorite riding is on the steep and scenic back roads of the Laurel Highlands in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Chuck Branchman

Chuck Branchman is from the cool (literally) little town of Frostburg, Maryland. He lives right on the GAP and loves to show guests around his stomping grounds. On top of that, he enjoys traveling around to other locations and guiding tours across the United States. Chuck is very passionate about biking and loves to introduce new folks into this sport and help guests have blast while on tour with him! Apart from biking, he’s also an avid hiker so he’d love to chat all things biking and hiking with anyone. He’s married with 3 adult children, who he adores. “Let’s have a blast on tour together with tons of laughs, peddling and, of course, eating some awesome food!”

Steve Francis

Steve is a semi retired physical therapist who enjoys being outdoors. Along with tandem biking with his wife, you’ll find him paddle boarding on the river or hiking in the woods. He and his wife, who raised their children in Virginia, just recently moved to southern New Jersey to be closer to parents.

Rob Horschman

Rob joined Wilderness Voyageurs in 2022 bringing with him four years of experience leading bike tours in Central America When he is not riding his bike you might run into him on the ski slopes where he works as a ski patroller. Originally from Rochester NY, he has made his home in Atenas, Costa Rica, Asheville NC, and Bethel Maine. Rob has also worked as a paramedic and a high school Spanish teacher. He enjoys playing his saxophone, paddling rivers and lakes and traveling. Rob has two sons, Henry, at college in Charleston SC, and Nico who lives and works in Manhattan.

Pat Hemlin

Pat recently retired and was looking for something fun, active and outside to fill his days and being a bike guide sounded like the perfect fit. Whitewater kayaking and rafting brought Pat to Garrett County, Maryland. He taught whitewater kayaking for about thirty years but has always had an interest in cycling (mountain and road.) Living in the tri state of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia has given him a whole new appreciation for the joy of riding. The low traffic roads and incredible views here make every mile a new adventure. Pat loves working on bikes and if you saw his basement, you would think you walked into a bike shop. He loves being around people and especially playing outside as a group. You may see him out for a local road ride or floating down a river, hiking on a local trail or riding his mountain bike somewhere around the country. Either way he’s always up for an adventure!

Mark Bortman

Mark first started leading bicycle tours back when he was in college many (many) years ago. Then life happened. Now, after having lived in 5 different countries on 4 different continents, raising 2 terrific children and starting a solar panel installation business, he is able to get back to his passion of riding bikes, meeting new people and seeing great sites. Philadelphia is his home base, but he won’t pass up an opportunity for a house swap, especially if it is somewhere he’s never been.