Lower Yough Rafting Rentals

Class III-IV

Are you an experienced rafter, ready to tackle the Lower Yough on your own? Raft rentals are available for either a 7.5-mile, full-day trip or a quick trip of the “Loop,” the first rapid-packed, 1.25 miles of the Class III-IV Lower Yough. There are three different types of boats you can choose from – Rafts, Shredders and duckies.


We highly recommend PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE and a familiarity with this section of river before trying an unguided trip. The river can be dangerous and it is important that you have the necessary skills to safely navigate this run.


The following steps are necessary for renting equipment

Reservations are recommended to assure equipment availability. In addition to your payment, a drivers license is required to receive your equipment.


For weekend rentals from April-October you must acquire a launch permit from the State Park. Please reserve your launch permit with the state park prior to making your equipment reservation by calling 888-PA PARKS.


You will check in at Wilderness Voyageurs Outfitters in Ohiopyle 1.5 hours PRIOR to your launch time. (This instruction is only for those who are renting equipment, it has ntohing to do with  you if you are on a guided trip of any format.)


You are responsible for running a shuttle and returning all of the rented equipment back to Wilderness Voyageurs prior to dusk.


Running Shuttle & Shuttle tokens.

This can be a little confusing if this is the first time you have rented equipment in Ohiopyle. You must leave a vehicle at the take out in order to return to Ohiopyle at the end of the day. In addition, you must purchase shuttle tokens for a ride that brings you from the river to the parking lot where your vehicle will be located. This means you need 2 vehicles or a bike to ride back from the takeout.


Running your shuttle It is helpful if your group has 2 vehicles. You can park one at Old Mitchell Parking Lot (located 8 miles from Ohiopyle). This is where the State Park shuttle will drop you and your equipment at the end of your river trip. If you do not have 2 vehicles, it is possible to bike the shuttle (we rent mountain bikes if you need) and frequently rafters will catch a ride with fellow rafters.


Shuttle Tokens: You must purchase your shuttle tokens ($4) from the launch area the day of your trip. Renters are responsible for transporting all equipment back to Ohiopyle. THE PARK SHUTTLE BUS DOES NOT GO TO OHIOPYLE. Please check with the park at 888-PA-PARKS for updated shuttle information. If you need directions, we’ll provide them when you check in.

Have fun and be safe!

Trip Information

3 - 5

Trip Time - Hours

Varies per water levels & trip size.

Check In Location
Ohiopyle, PA



Daily Trips April - October


Minimum Age

Boat Options

Standard Raft, Duckie or Shredder Available

  • Rental fee includes, raft, lifejacket, helmet and paddle

    $27/ person
River Classification
Class III

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