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Pedal and Pickleball Bike Tour – Vegas Baby

Unending sunshine with the most colorful mosaic display of mountain and valley desert landscapes.  Welcome to an unforgettable six day bike tour through the captivating vistas of Southern Nevada, as you pedal through parts of the majestic Mojave Desert, soaking in its rugged beauty and unique charm.  Along the way you’ll explore iconic landmarks such as the Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, and River Mountains. Then we add pickleball to every day, talk about a dreamy bike touring vacation.


Our tour begins in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world.  Daily rides in both rural and urban settings contrast the diversity of this geologically historic area.  From the neon lights and musical sounds of the Vegas Strip to the natural pink and orange hues of the sandstone walls of the Mojave you may need sunglasses day and night.


But the adventure doesn’t stop there.  Each day you’ll have the opportunity to engage in exhilarating pickleball matches, adding a fun and competitive element to your trip.  As the sun sets, immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife of Las Vegas, including world-class amusements, dining, and endless spectacle.


And for a change of pace we visit the charming enclave of Boulder City where we will experience the engineering marvel of the Hoover Dam, and relax on a raft tour on the Colorado River offering a respite amidst the desert landscape.   Each day is filled with new experiences and breathtaking sights, this pickleball -bike tour promises an unforgettable journey through the heartland of Southern Nevada.

Tour Highlights

Las Vegas

Valley of Fire

Hoover Dam


Colorado River Rafting

Lodging Options

The ENGLiSH Hotel

The Boulder Dam Hotel

Day 1: Vegas!  The Pedal and Pickle tour begins in electrifying Las Vegas, known for its entertainment, award winning restaurants, and glitzy nightlife. We begin today with an unforgettable ride on the Red Rock Canyon Road bicycling between Cowboy Canyon and Red Rock Canyon, from the quaint town of Blue Diamond east to the community of Summerlin. In the afternoon we play pickleball matches at Sunset Park Complex in the Green Valley North neighborhood.


Day 2:  Pickle n Pedal This day begins with pickleball on the rooftop complex of the Plaza Hotel, with 13 permanent courts and a dazzling aura of cityscape.  In the afternoon we enjoy a short urban bike ride on the Lower Las Vegas Wash Trail. We end our day hiking in Henderson on the Anthem East Trail with an expansive view of the city.


Day 3: Pickle n Vegas  Today is for pickleball and our final day exploring Las Vegas.  We begin with pickleball on the Plaza rooftop again.  Today we expect increasingly competitive matches as we have socialized and played enough by now to know who dinks, lobs, or smashes shots!   The afternoon is time on your own to explore what interests you.  There are a variety of museums, casinos, restaurants, and nightclubs that will offer an unlimited supply of eats, drinks, and activities for your consumption!.

Day 4: Valley of Fire & Boulder City Today we leave Sin City behind and embrace a scenic bike ride that takes you through the Valley of Fire State Park, offering 50K acres of awe and wonder.  We bike through some of the most notoriously named landscapes in Nevada like Elephant Rock, Rainbow Vista, Atlatl Rock and Mouse’s Tank Road. The day culminates with afternoon pickleball in Boulder city and the beginning of our stay at the Boulder Dam Hotel.


Day 5:  Ride to the Hoover Dam, Tour the Dam and Float the river Depart from the hotel and ride to Hoover Dam all on trail. How fun is that? Once at the dam, we’ll take a private tour and learn all about it was built and how it provides electrical power to half a million homes.  After our walking tour we will change locales for an aquatic based tour of the dam, from the Colorado River!  We will board a motorized raft which takes us on a tour from below the dam out to the entrance of Black Canyon. Get to see the Hoover Dam from all aspects and then we’ll return to Boulder City for our final night together.


Day 6: Pickle, Ride & Farewell A fitting end to our last day combines our two favorite leisure pursuits.  We finish our pickleball play with some final matches in Boulder City. Then early afternoon finds us bicycling through the River Mountains area between Lake Mead and the city of Henderson.  Finally, a shuttle ride returns you to Las Vegas, where you’ll end your tour while reflecting on this whirlwind week of adventure.

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Trip Length - Days

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Road & Trail
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E-bikes Allowed

Required Specifications

  • 50 pounds or less weight limit
  • Pedal assist only
  • Removable battery
  • 5+ hour battery capacity

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Las Vegas, NV
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5 Breakfasts | 5 Lunches | 3 Dinners

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*This is required if you are traveling solo or if you are traveling with someone but require separate beds.


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