Support & Gear Vehicle

What is this SAG thing of which you speak? Simply, it is a support and gear (SAG) van and trailer used for multi-day biking. It makes your biking day much easier. The SAG wagon moves your luggage, your food and sometimes even you! This means a light bike and flexible biking distances.


Riders rendezvous with the SAG wagon at preset locations. This gives you the ability to customize the length of your biking day. The guide operating the SAG wagon can refill your water bottle, tune your bike or shuttle you over that hill.


The vehicle carries your luggage, purchases from along the way, snacks and lunch, a cooler with icy beverages, and repair parts and pieces for you and your bike. The SAG vehicle and it’s driver are one of the key ingredients in making your biking vacation easy and hassle free. It schlepps your luggage from one lodging to the next, miraculously shows up when you are thinking, wow I could use an energy bar and some fresh water, and gives you a lift, when you decide that you have had your fill of biking for the day.


The key to an awesome SAG vehicle is the person operating it. They need to be somewhat of a foodie, handy with a wrench, and full of information.
SAG Vehicle lunch break


Awesome Bike Guides Make The Difference @ Wilderness Voyageurs

We are positive that our bike tour guides fulfill this position with gusto and are some of the best in the world at doing it.


All of our bike tours are fully supported by a SAG Vehicle – this includes road tours, rail-trail tours and mountain bike tours. We’ve got you covered!


Give us a call at 800-272-4141 if you want to chat more about how our SAG vehicle sets you up for success on your bike touring vacation.