Support & Gear Vehicle

What is the support vehicle? Our Wilderness Voyageurs support van drives along our biking route to offer light refreshments, water bottle refills, and rides to those that would like them. The support vehicle pulls a trailer, which is loaded with luggage, extra bike parts and all of our food for the week. Riders rendezvous with the support vehicle at pre-set locations. This gives you the ability to customize the length of your biking day.


Please Note: Some rides on bike paths may have limited access to van support. If a particular stretch of one of your daily rides will be made without support, your trip leaders will make you aware of this ahead of time and advise you of your options.


Awesome Bike Guides Make The Difference at Wilderness Voyageurs


We are positive that our bike tour guides fulfill this position with gusto and are some of the best in the world at doing it.

All of our bike tours are fully supported by a Support Vehicle — this includes road tours, rail-trail tours and mountain bike tours. We’ve got you covered!


Give us a call at 800-272-4141 if you want to chat more about how our support vehicle sets you up for success on your bike touring vacation.