Ohiopyle Kayak Demos

Kayaking in Ohiopyle


The Youghiogheny River in Ohiopyle has exciting whitewater kayaking for all experience levels, and the Lower Yough is the best known whitewater run in the eastern United States.  Since there is a reservoir upstream, it reliably runs during the entire busy season from April to the middle of October.

The Lower Yough begins after Ohiopyle Falls and flows seven miles downstream to the Bruner Run Take-out. The numerous class III and IV rapids make for exciting paddling for experienced whitewater boaters. But be aware — river levels can change the difficulty of rapids. Check at the launch area, contact the park office or check American Whitewater for current water levels.

Loop: The first mile and a half of the Lower Yough is the famous “Loop”. Our shop is located bwtween the take-out and the put in for this section.  ANd yes it is true, you can lwalk back to the put in after paddling the Loop, and the “shuttle” is shorter than the paddle. This allows the paddler to run the first few rapids through Railroad without having to run shuttle. The trail out is steep, but quite hikeable. The Loop has the most gradient of the run, and it’s a great place to demo a new kayak!


Note: it’s illegal to run Ohiopyle Falls at a river level over 1.8 feet.


Wilderness Voyageurs Demo Kayaks


At Wilderness Voyageurs outfitter store you can demo a kayak for a loop run or for the day on the Lower or Upper Yough.

Kayak demos only include rental of the boat itself. You’ll need your own paddle, spray skirt and helmet!


Loop Run $20

Lower Yough $40

Upper Yough $30

Call us to reserve a boat or to see what’s available!



These boats are for sale at the end of the season (usually in September)! Follow us on Facebook for updates on the demo boat sale.

2020 Demo Boats

Remaining boats available to purchase as of 9/23/20


Machno (L) Fire/Ice
Ozone (S) Blue Crush
Ripper (M) Blue Crush
Loki (S) YGR
9R (M) Fire/Ice
12R -- Fire/Ice
Ozone (M) Blue Crush
Rebel (Kid) Blue Crush
Loki (L) TPL
Nano (L) Jaffa/Grey
9R2 (L) Orange Soda


Mixmaster (7) Abyss
Nirvana (L) Starburst
Antix (L) Red
Antix (S) Blue
Zen 3.0 (S) Lime
Zen 3.0 (L) Yellow


Nomad (S) Aurora
Axiom (9.0 /L) Aurora
Rewind (L) Cosmo


Delta V (73) Sunburst
Delta V (73) Sunburst
Alpha (90) Blue Ice
Remix (69) Sunburst
Braaap (69) Blue Ice
Party Braaap Sunburst
Mullet Mojito
Remix (69) Sunburst