Savage River Rafting

Savage River Rafting in Maryland

The Savage River is Maryland’s Famous White Water Slalom Course


The Savage River is located in Western Maryland & is a little known gem that hosted the 1989 Whitewater Kayaking World Championships. The Savage River delivers quite a thrill through 5 miles of continuous class III-IV whitewater.


The Savage River is a small volume, fast paced, constant whitewater roller coaster. The trip covers 5 river miles, during which the longest “pool” is 50 yards long. The Savage River is not as technical as the Upper Yough River, but the constant nature of the rapids is such that all rafters should have previous rafting experience. Robust paddling and a quick response to the guide’s directions are a must.  Combine the Savage River with an Upper Yough trip the day before or after, and you get to experience the best whitewater Maryland has to offer & SAVE SAVE $$$$$.  Call us for the 2 river package details.


Only Three Releases per Season: Get Two Runs per Trip!

Dam releases from the Savage Reservoir only occur three (3) times a year. Due to the size of the river and the water releases of 4 hours, this is an exclusive trip of only 24 people per day on a Savage River trip. The format for the Savage River is 4 guests and a guide per raft. We will run the river in the morning, break for lunch and do a second run in the afternoon.


Located about 30 minutes from Friendsville, Maryland this trip is a perfect complement to the Upper Yough. The whitewater releases from Savage River Dam are usually scheduled to occur on a day that you can combine it with an Upper Yough release.


Savage River 2024 Release Dates

  1. Saturday – June 1
  2. Sunday – July 7
  3. Saturday, September 28

Trip Information

3 - 5

Trip Time - Hours

Varies per water levels & trip size.

Check In Location
Friendsville, MD


Check In Times

10:00 AM Friendsville


Release Days Only


Minimum Age


Deli Style and Riverside (weather permitting).

  • Saturday & Sunday

River Classification
Class III-IV

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