Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Ohiopyle

It’s time to climb! We offer instructions for all levels, whether this is your first climbing experience or you’re seeking to refine or learn new skills.


Start your day by checking in at our outfitter store. Soon your guide(s) will introduce themselves to you, getting a feel of your comfort and experience level. Once the meet and greet is over it is time to gear up and head on out to one of the local climbing spots.


There are a number of areas we can go to, depending on your skill level. You will either be given a ride to the spot, or you can hop onto some complimentary mountain bikes and meet us there.


When you get to the rocks, your guide will set up a top rope over the route you will want to climb. If you are in a large group there will be more than one route set up, so there will be less downtime for the climbers.


The guide will give a standard safety talk and demonstrate some basic moves to help get you started. Then they will take their post at the one end of the rope, hook themselves in and get ready to belay, taking up the slack in the rope as you make your way up the rock wall. If you fall, no worries, your instructor will brake the rope, keeping your free fall to a minimum.


Halfway through the day it is time to take a break and eat lunch. Then it’s right back to the wall. After everyone has had their fill, and your hands are cramped into little balls, it will be time to head on back to the outfitter store. You may be tired and sore, but you’ll definitely have a day to remember, and possibly a new activity in your life!



Is Lunch Included? Yes, deli-style.
Do I need prior experience? No, although we do offer advanced climbing instruction if you know the basics and want to improve your skills.
What if it’s raining? If the rocks are too wet to climb, the trip may be postponed.
Are there multiple day programs? Yes, but you’ll need to call us for details. We offer a mix of kayak, climbing and mountain biking instruction, multiple days of climbing to really hone your skills or a program customized specifically for you.
What do I need for the day? Comfortable, easy to move in clothes. Climbing shoes if you have them, otherwise tennis / running shoes. Do not wear sandals. Bring a change of clothes for the end of the day. You might want to jump in the Yough River to cool off & refresh yourself! Or shower at the shower house following your day of rock climbing!

Trip Information

Check In Location
Ohiopyle, PA
Check In Times



April - October


Minimum Age


Deli Style

Private & Group Instruction
  • Mon.-Sun. for 1 person

  • Mon. - Sun. for 2 ppl

  • Mon. - Fri. for 3+ ppl

    $125 pp
  • Sat & Sun for 3+ people

    $125 pp

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