Wilderness Voyageurs offers one of the best kayak instruction programs in the country. The waters of the Yough River are perfect for every level of experience, and our amazing team of instructors provide a safe, fun and technique-driven program. Whether you need to learn the basics or refine your current skill set, we’ve got you covered.

We offer kayak instruction in many forms, to suit your schedule, pace of learning or budget.

Private Instruction: is available any day for 1 or 2 persons.  Ideal for those who want to fast track their learning, or if you have specific skill that you want to concentrate on.

Group instruction: Available any day for 3 or more people.  If you have a group of friends that want to check out the sport, or you are group of paddlers looking to paddle new waters or work on specific skills and save some money, this is for you.

Our most popular instructional setting is our “Learn To Kayak Weekends”.   These are offered the first and last weekend of each month throughout the summer.  Come by yourself, come with a friend.  They are prescheduled so you get the benefit of “group instruction” pricing, but do not need to hassle with coordinating with 2 other friends.

The “Learn to Kayak Weekends” include:

2 days of intensive instruction with our experienced and enthusiastic instructors to launch your paddling career.

All equipment necessary (latest model kayak, paddle, skirt, helmet, PFD, wetsuit, etc.) You will need to bring something to wear that can get wet, (No Cotton), and footwear. Old sneakers usually work, but students with large feet should have booties or water shoes. If you don't already own them, we sell a range of appropriate footwear.

2 lunches on the banks of the river. We ask that you bring a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day. If you don't have one, we sell water bottles, bottled water and energy drinks at our outfitter store.


Breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning. A nice solid morning meal to give you the energy you will need to tackle a new passion.

“As always, your staff has provided my group with an amazing experience.”

~Rob Johnson

The Wilderness Voyageurs Kayaking Instructors

Our kayak instructors can frequently be spotted on local rivers like Meadow, Fikes, Top and Upper Yough, because kayaking is what they love to do! Many of our instructors have more than 10 years of kayaking experience on rivers all around the world. Owners Eric and Lynne Martin are former US Kayak Team members, and have set the standards high. We live and breathe kayaking and can’t wait to share this unique and highly addicting sport with you!


Friday Night Loop Runs

Practice pays off! Once your skills progress and you are comfortable on the Lower Yough – join us for Friday night Loop runs. Meet at 6:30 at our store in Ohiopyle. Friday night loop runs begin the first Friday in June and continue through the first Friday in September.

We have three levels of instructional classes and clinics. If you have any questions about the class that would most benefit you, give us a call.