New York Erie Canal Bike Tour

Get to Know “New York’s Main Street” and experience the history and majesty of America’s most storied waterway

This Tour has been updated – now spend all 4 days on the Erie Canal!

We’ll pedal by early 1800s historic commercial port cities, explore canal locks, and ride 100 miles of the Erie Canalway, a National Heritage Corridor. This tour spends 4 days on the mostly limestone trails of the towpath of the Erie Canal, the most commercially enduring and historically significant canalway in the U.S.


We will meet in Buffalo where the ride begins! The first day takes you along the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Lockport, NY where you will get your first glimpse of  the “Flight of 5”. From there we will spend the next 3 days following the Canal to Newark, NY. Spend all 4 days pedaling along this car-free trail and piece of US history.


Custom bike tour departures available for groups of 6 or more.

Tour Highlights

Lockport’s Flight of Five (Erie Canal Locks #67-71)

Genesee Country Inn

Medina Railroad Museum

Mid 19th century canal town historic districts

Lodging Options

Hampton Inn

Genesee Country Inn

Del Monte Lodge, Renaissance Rochester Hotel & Spa

Day 1: Pedal from Buffalo to Lockport – getting your first glimpse of the “Flight of Five,” a series of 10 impressive locks that work together to transport boats up and over the escarpment.


Day 2: Continue your trek along the Erie Canalway Trail from Lockport, NY to Hulberton, NY. Tonight you are in for a real treat at the Genesee Country Inn


Day 3: Enjoy breakfast at the Genesee Country Inn before pedaling another 35 miles on the canalway trail. Head to Pittsford where you’ll have your choice of dining options. Don’t miss out on the ice-cream from the Pittsford Farm Dairy located near the hotel.


Day 4: Roll through the town of Fairport and into your final destination at Newark, NY, completing 100 miles of Erie Canalway Trail!

Check out some photos of the Erie Canal Bike Tour

“It was so wonderful that on the ride back to our cars at the end of the trip, we started looking at the Wilderness Voyageurs brochures to choose our next trip!”

~Mary O., TripAdvisor

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