Bike Tour FAQs

Going on a bike tour is a big decision!


Before you take the plunge, you should have all the facts!

Here’s a list of the questions we get asked most often about how we operate our tours here at Wilderness Voyageurs.

Gear and Equipment


Can I bring my own pedals? What about my seat?


Yes! We encourage it! If you’re renting a bike from us, you’ll feel more comfortable riding long distances on your own saddle. Your rental bike will come with flat platform pedals. If you prefer riding clipless pedals with cycling shoes, or if you prefer toe cages, please bring your shoes and pedals along. Your bike tour guides will install these before you start riding on your the first day of your tour.


Can I ride my own bike?


Definitely. If you’re flying, there are several bike shipping options that may be cheaper than trying to get your bike on a plane with you. We do ask that before your trip, you take your bike to get a routine tune-up and make sure that it’s in good condition for multiple days of riding. Also make sure that you have the right kind of bike and tires for the surface you’ll be riding on during your trip. If your bike has an odd size tire you may want to bring a spare tube or 2, our support vehicles are well stocked but there are many variations out there.  If you’re unsure about whether or not your bike is a good fit for the route, just give us a call.


Can I ride a tandem? A recumbent? A trike?


We are not able to accommodate recumbents or trikes at this time.  This is due to the difficult storage and transportation logistics of these bikes.  We transport bikes on a roof rack either on the van or trailer, and we are not able to ensure the ability to carry these bikes due to space limitations.

In regards to other non-traditional bikes please contact us. Not all tours are ideal for unconventional bikes, and we might have some additional questions about its size and/or make, to ensure that we accommodate to the best of our ability. We do recommend that our guests maintain a speed of 10 miles per hour, so consider your bike of choice’s capabilities before making your final decision. Please let us know what type of bike you’re bringing when you fill out your registration form.

Bike Friday’s are also not suitable or allowed on our tours.

Tandems are welcome, please let us know in advance so that we are prepared to accommodate the bike.


What about electric bikes?


If you have your own personal electric bicycle, you’re free to bring it along!  However, there are a few limitations that we must abide by based on various local regulations and logistical limitations. We allow Class I pedal assist E-bikes on our tours. They must be pedal assist only, with a max speed of 20 miles per hour, under 50 pounds, and also must be able to hold a charge for 5+ hrs.  The battery must be removable for charging purposes, many of our lodging properties will not allow bikes into rooms. This weight limit is very important and must be observed by all guests, if you arrive to your tour with a bike weighing in excess of 50 pounds we will not allow the use of the bike.

We cannot accommodate bikes with Copenhagen wheels. Let us know that you are bringing your electric bicycle, and give us an idea of how much it weighs. These questions are asked in your bike your registration form, so be sure to fill that out completely at least one month prior to your trip’s departure! Electric Bikes are subject to State and County laws, and in some tour areas they are not permitted. Please call our office if you have any questions related to electric bike laws. 800-272-4141.

Here at Wilderness Voyageurs, we have a limited number of pedal-assist electric bikes to rent on selected trips. Please call us to determine the availability of an e-bike for your tour.


What kind of light do I need for riding through tunnels?


We recommend a handlebar bike light with a minimum of 400 lumens. The more lumens, the more you see! It’s an odd experience, cycling through a tunnel. Going from daylight to an enclosed, dark tube can sometimes distort riders’ depth perception and peripheral vision. It’s handy to have a light that lets you know exactly where the ground is and where it’s leading you. It’s also good for seeing and notifying oncoming bike or pedestrian traffic, and avoiding natural obstacles like sticks and stones. Lights are provided with rental bikes.


I’m on a road bike tour. What kind of lights do I need for my bike?


For riders joining us on our road bikes tours should bring with them a good front and rear lights for your bicycle. Being visible is the key to staying safe on the road! Just like above, we recommend a minimum of 400 lumens for your front handlebar light and rear blinking light.


Do I need a bike lock?


Not necessarily. Your bikes will always either be on the route, locked on top of the van, or locked inside our trailer.


Can bike guides fix my bike if something goes wrong on the trip?


Yes and no. If you’re renting a bike from Wilderness Voyageurs, we’ll make sure it’s in peak riding condition prior to your trip. Once we’re out on the trail, guides can handle light maintenance and routine repairs. They’ll fix your flat, adjust your seat and put air in your tires should you need it. Each trailer is equipped with a tool kit, as well as spire tires and tubes. If a replacement is needed on a rental bike, we’ll switch out the tube or tire free of charge. If your personal bike needs a replacement, the price of the part will be added to your tour cost.



Getting There And Away


How do I get back to my car at the end of the tour?


In almost all cases, your guides will shuttle you back to where you began your tour or met as a group on the first morning of your tour.  Most of our tours return to their departure city upon conclusion of riding on the final day of the tour.


What airport should I fly into to meet my guides?


It’s different for every tour! Take a look at your itinerary. Towards the back of the document, you’ll find our recommendations for where to fly in and out of, and how to get to where you’ll meet your guides. If you’re ever in doubt about your travel arrangements prior to your bike tour departure, feel free to give our office a call and run it past us.


Do you offer custom or private departure dates?


We offer custom tours and private departures to groups of at least six people who may want to tailor their tour a little bit. Give the office a call and we’ll work with your group to build the vacation you’re looking for. Or fill out this trip request form to get the process started.


Reservations and Payments


What does Single Supplement mean?


The single supplement fee is only incurred if you are traveling alone or desire the guarantee of your own bed. The rates we pay for our overnight accommodations are priced based on double occupancy (having two people in each room). If you are traveling solo, or with another person but know you want separate beds, paying the single supplement fee guarantees that you have a private room, and a bed, to yourself when you pull into each night’s lodging.


What’s the latest I can cancel my reservation and still get a refund?


When you make your reservation, we require a $250 non-refundable deposit. To receive a full refund (minus the deposit), you’d need to cancel 121 days prior to your departure date. After 120 days, we can only offer a 50% refund, minus the deposit. After 90 days prior to your trip departure, we cannot offer any refunds.


What type of “trip insurance” do you recommend?


Here at Wilderness Voyageurs, we understand that emergencies happen. You never know when a medical or family crisis may occur that will force you to change your vacation plans. A very good option is to consider purchasing travel insurance to provide yourself with an extra safety-net against unforeseen obstacles that might impact your vacation. A few great travel insurance suggestions are:
Travel Guard 1.800.826.4919
Travelex 1.800.228.9792
Allianz 1.866.884.3556



Out On Tour


If I share a room, do I have to share a bed?


Quite possibly. Many hotels where we stay along your tour are historic inns and bed & breakfasts that only have one bed per room. However, there are also accommodations that provide two separate beds. If you are traveling with someone but require separate beds, we can do our best to accommodate your needs. On some tours, this is just not possible. Only the single supplement fee will guarantee you your own room/ bed for each night!


Is water available to re-fill my water bottle along the way?


Definitely! At every support stop, there will be a cooler with ice water for you to refill. There will also be hydration powder (sports drink mix) if you’re in need of a little extra something.


Can vegetarian/gluten free/vegan dietary needs be accommodated?


Yes! We’re more than happy to make sure your dietary needs are being met. Please be honest about your dietary needs in your registration form so your guides know what to make when they’re preparing lunch or setting out snacks. We try our best to make dinner reservations at restaurants with accommodating menus, but we can’t guarantee that each establishment is completely gluten-free or vegan.


Should I train for my tour? Do I need to be in shape?


Overall, we find that people are much happier on tour when they’ve put in some time in the saddle. Getting your rear end accustomed to long rides is almost as important as preparing the rest of your body. 30 days after your reservation, we’ll send you a document with a training schedule, which has been tailored to your tour. But don’t think of it as “training” — make it an excuse to go out and ride your bike more!


What if I can’t ride the amount of miles scheduled for the day?


This is why we have the support vehicle! At every support stop, one of your guides will be waiting for you with the van and trailer. If you want to skip a leg of the ride, you’re welcome to hop in the van at any support stop!


Will I be able to access my luggage during the day?


Your luggage is kept in the trailer while you’re on your bike, so we ask that you grab everything you need for the day and put it up in the van for easier access.  We recommend bringing along a backpack, or a day pack to keep in the van and store your essentials. That way if you’re missing something out on the route, you can just dive into the van at a support stop.


Can someone accompany me on the trip but not ride a bike with the group?


Yes, they can ride in the van at regular trip cost. We do not offer discounts to guests who choose not to ride a bike, but we do welcome their company if they would like to join the trip.


Can my pet accompany me on the tour?


Sorry, we can’t accommodate pets on our bike tours.


What should I pack in case of rain or bad weather?


Along with your training schedule, you’ll also receive a packing list. We can never predict the weather, so it’s important to pack clothing for all contingencies. The packing list will include our recommendations for packing for rain, as well as have some recommendations for your tour’s length and location.


Are trips cancelled because of weather?


Only in extreme circumstances do we cancel a tour. On rainy days, we’ll still go for a ride! Try it out – you might have fun splashing through puddles!