Middle Yough Rentals

Ohiopyle Rafting Rentals – Take a Trip On the Easy Going Section of the Youghiogheny River

A Fun Day on the Gentle Middle Yough


Enjoy a gentle trip on the easy going section of the Youghiogheny with your crew!  The Middle Yough is a gentle Class I-II stretch of river running from Confluence, PA to Ohiopyle PA. Because this is an easy-going stretch of the river, Wilderness Voyageurs rents rafts, inflatable kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, SUPs, and Shredders for a DIY adventure experience! This trip is made for grabbing your friends or family, packing a good lunch, and enjoying 3-5 hours of prime scenery.  And as an added pro-tip: You can even bring along your own fishing pole to cast a line!


Middle Yough Rentals – A “Do It Yourself” Adventure

As part of your rental, you will be shuttled to the Ramcat Launch area just downstream from Confluence and all necessary equipment is included. You will paddle downstream to Ohiopyle and once on shore, take a short walk back to the Wilderness Voyageurs’ base. Bring your fishing rods, water guns, lunch, sunscreen, sunglasses and get ready to have some awesome fun!


The Middle Yough river section is a calm, easy going stretch of river at normal water levels. Because of this, no prior experience is needed to rent a raft paddle down from Confluence to Ohiopyle.

As a reminder – Although paddling is required, this IS NOT a whitewater trip.  For a whitewater rafting experience explore our Lower Yough Rafting Trips.

Never disappoints - My girlfriend and I took a shredder down middle yough. WV is my go to for rentals! They never disappoint! Make sure to hit up Fall City pub after for some great grub and suds!

Andrew via TripAdvisor

Types of Rental Boats Available

Various raft rental types of boats are available for rent. Your choices include:

  • Rafts: 4-6 Person size
  • Shredders: A 2 person cataraft inflatable boat
  • Solo or tandem inflatable kayaks: also called duckies
  • Sit-on-Top Kayaks
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)

** All required equipment is provided as part of the rental: paddles, lifejackets, and helmets

inflatable kayaks


Shredder on the Middle Yough

Sit-on-Top Kayaks

sit on top kayak rentals ohiopyle

On the Middle Yough only, experienced paddlers may rent canoes or sit-on-top kayaks. Because of the increased difficulty of steering canoes and  kayaks on moving water versus inflatable rafts, we recommend prior paddling experience for anyone renting a canoe or sit-on-top kayak.  This is a nine mile journey so we recommend that if you are renting a SUP you should plan on trading off with others in your group through out the day.


How to Reserve Your Rental Boats for the Middle Yough River

  1. Call 800-272-4141 to reserve your rental boat: raft, inflatable kayak (duckie), sit-on-top kayak, canoe, or SUP. Remember previous river experience is recommended for the canoe and kayak – they are more difficult to paddle navigating a river than a lake and easy to capsize.  We reccomend that if you are renting a SUP you should plan on trading off with others in your group through out the day.
  2. Reservations are recommended to assure equipment availability.
  3. In addition to your payment, a refundable $30 security deposit per boat and a driver’s license is required to receive your equipment the day of your rental.
  4. Check in at our outfitter store in Ohiopyle at your designated check in time: 9:30 AM or 11:30 AM. The free shuttle bus departs a 1/2 hour after your check in. Because the shuttle bus will transport many people, not just you, be considerate to your fellow adventurers and arrive at your check-in on time. The bus can’t wait for stragglers.
  5. Remember to pack a lunch, sunscreen, water, fishing rods or anything else you would like to have with you to enjoy a relaxing Class I-II paddle down the Middle Yough.
  6. You are responsible for returning all of the rented equipment back to Wilderness Voyageurs prior to dusk.
  7. Expect to be on the river for 3-5 hours, enjoy!
  8. Your entire experience will require 4-6 hours from check-in until you are ready to depart our facility.


Wilderness Voyageurs reserves the right to cancel any raft rentals if the water level rises due to weather, of course, for the safety of rental guests.

Questions about whether or not this is the right trip for you?
Call 800-272-4141

Trip Information

3 - 5

Trip Time - Hours

Varies per water levels & trip size.

Check In Location
Ohiopyle, PA


Check In Times

9:30 | 11:30


April - November (depending on water levels)

Suggested Items To Bring

Quick Dry Clothing
Shoes (not flip flops)
Wetsuits are available to rent (spring & fall)


Minimum Age


No, please bring your own.

Boat Options

Standard Raft, Duckie, SUP, Shredder, or Sit-on-Top Kayak Available

Unguided Rentals – Per Person
  • Rafts

  • Inflatable Kayak Single

  • Double inflatable Kayak

  • Shredder

  • SUP

  • Sit-on-Top Kayak

River Classification
Class I – II

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