Ohiopyle Fly Fishing Report & Hatches

Fishing update 6/24

Fly fishing the Yough and the surrounding tributaries have been exceedingly productive. Many have caught fish on small patterns of dry flies as well as small pattern pheasant and hare’s ears. A simple setup that has been a resulting in consistent hook-ups is the dry-dropper rig. A stimulator size 16 with a size 16 pheasant tail dropper about 10-12 inches below the dry is a proven setup for the fish this time of year. Some producing sections for this setup are the confluence of the Casselman and the Yough as well as half a mile upstream from Ramcat Beach.

When fishing the middle section of the Yough below Ramcat to Ohiopyle, tandem rigs with pats rubber legs and small pheasant, copper john, or hare’s ear patterns 8-10 inches below the rubber legs are working well in fast moving water. Adding some split shot to this rig will allow it to drop into the strike zone of the fish.

Currently the river is running a bit high, but fishing deep with nymphs will still be conducive to targeting fish while we expect nice weather and clear skies the next few days.

We have plenty of all these fly patterns available in our shop. Stop by to stock up before hitting the water!




Pale Evening Dun: Sizes 14-18

Slate Drake: Sizes 12-16

Brown Drake: Sizes 12-16

Light Cahill: Sizes 14-16

Blue Winged Olive: Sizes 18-22

Tan Caddis: Sizes 12-18

Sulphur: Sizes 14-16

Coffin Fly: Sizes 10-12

Terrestrials- Ants, Beetles, Grass Hoppers: Sizes: N/A

Tricos (Black and White): Sizes: 22-26


Pheasant tail (both traditional and soft hackle): Sizes 12-16
Hare’s Ear: Sizes 12-16
Woolly Buggers (Olive, black, White): Sizes 8-12
San Juan Worm: Sizes 8-12
Midges (black and red): Sizes 16-22
Pat’s Rubber Legs: Sizes 8-12

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I had a day fly fishing with Ryan McCauley. Ryan started the day giving me a very informative lesson. We went over fly fishing basics and then went into a detailed conversation about flies, equipment and fishing strategy. Next we practiced casting which allowed me to compare my equipment to some really good stuff they had for demo. After a great lunch at the cafe next door, we started out on the stream. The stream and scenery were so cool. Ryan had a great spot. This was lunker city. Trout were everywhere. I caught two and just missed a few more. I can't ask for more than a trip that was geared to my needs and worked out this well.

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