Ohiopyle Fly Fishing Report & Hatches

Wilderness voyageurs fishing guide Matt

Ohiopyle Fly Fishing Report – May 17 2020


Lets Get Buggy – Hatch Guide


Blue Winged Olive Sizes: 14-20
Blue Quill Sizes: 16-20
Dark Gordon Sizes: 14-18
Quill Gordon Sizes: 14-16
Hendrickson Sizes: 14-16
Black Quill Sizes: 14-16
Great Speckled Olive Dun Sizes: 14-16
Little Blue Dun Sizes: 18-20
Sulphur Dun Sizes: 14-16
Gray Fox Sizes: 12-14
Pale Evening Dun Sizes: 14-16
March Brown Sizes: 12-14
Light Cahill Sizes: 14-16
Tan Caddis Sizes: 12-16
Green Drake Sizes: 12-16
Slate Drake Sizes: 12-16
Yellow Stonefly Sizes: 6-12
Yellow Sallie Sizes: 6-10
Meat and Potatoes (the go-to flies that produce daily):
Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Sizes: 12-18
Hare’s Ear ( Sizes: 12-18
Black and Yellow Rubber-Legged Stonefly Sizes: 8-12
Wooly Buggers (black, olive, white) Sizes: 6-10

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I had a day fly fishing with Ryan McCauley. Ryan started the day giving me a very informative lesson. We went over fly fishing basics and then went into a detailed conversation about flies, equipment and fishing strategy. Next we practiced casting which allowed me to compare my equipment to some really good stuff they had for demo. After a great lunch at the cafe next door, we started out on the stream. The stream and scenery were so cool. Ryan had a great spot. This was lunker city. Trout were everywhere. I caught two and just missed a few more. I can't ask for more than a trip that was geared to my needs and worked out this well.

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