Get Your Bike and Gear Ready for the Season: 5 Tips

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Get Your Bike and Gear Ready for the Season: 5 Tips

Cyling through Ohiopyle State Park on the Great Allegheny Passage with Wilderness Voyageurs Bike ToursIt’s been a long, long winter, but springtime is finally here! You’re probably itching to get out on the bike and spin your legs. But if your bike’s been gathering dust in the garage for months, it might need some TLC before you roll out the door!

Most of these things can be accomplished with a basic tool kit or a multitool like the Lezyne CRV-12.

If you run into any other problems, many bike shops run springtime repair specials for customers who bring in their ride early in the season. If you’re a local, our Ohiopyle bike shop is happy to take in any repairs!


Prep your ride for the road
  • Rinse off winter salt, sand, and grime with low-pressure water from a hose. (Don’t use a high-pressure sprayer, as it can force water into bearings and bottom brackets that shouldn’t get wet.) Wipe down your bike with a cloth.
  • Pump up your tires and see if they hold air overnight. If not, it might be time for new tubes – or new tires!
  • Check your chain for wear with a chain-elongation gauge. Replace it if it’s worn out. If not, clean it with a good degreaser and then lube it back up.
  • Check your brake and shift cables for nicks and proper tension. If you find nicks or fraying, replace the cable. If they’re stretched out, tighten ‘them up or replace them. If all is well, consider lubing your shift cables with a few drops of chain lube.
  • Spin your wheels. Lift each wheel off the ground and spin them to make sure they aren’t wobbling or running crooked. If they are, you can use a spoke wrench to true the wheel yourself. Or you might want to head to a bike shop for help from a mechanic.
  • Check your brake pads. If they look super worn — you can see wear indicator lines — it’s time to replace them before you ride. Make sure they grip your rims right and aren’t rubbing the tires either.
  • Change up your nasty old handlebar tape! It’ll give you a better grip on on the handlebars and look nicer, too.
  • Make sure your lights work. Even in the daytime, it helps to use bright lights while you’re riding. If they’re dim, charge or replace the batteries before you head out on a ride.


Spring clean your wardrobe

Genwood Canyon Colorado Road Bike tour

Another great springtime tip: switch up your duds! In the spring, temps can change from hot to cold and back in an instant. Dress in layers and make sure your clothes are visible. For women, we like the Endura Luminite Jacket – it’s got integrated flashing LED lights in the bottom of the jacket to keep you seen! – and the Garneau Method Headband, which wicks sweat and keeps your ears warm. For men, we have the Garneau Lemmon Long Sleeve jersey, a great mid layer in bright colors and the durable, comfortable Range Cycling Shorts.





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