Checking in with our Bike Tour Guides

Checking in with our Bike Tour Guides

During the bike tour season, Wilderness Voyageurs bike tour guides are busy riding bikes, driving vans and putting together gourmet picnics. But what do they do in the off season? And what are they doing now, while we take a momentary pause from everything? We connected with a few of our bike tour trip leaders to see what they’ve been up to this spring.

Andrés Alfaro – Kansas City, MO

virtual training“Hello everyone, Andrés here. Times are weird, and we all face different challenges. Some of us are hurting with health issues, some of us struggle with the lack of social interaction. I’ve been very lucky in that my main personal concern has to do with staying in shape for when our lives go back to normal. Besides having a job that requires me to be pretty capable on the bike, I like to challenge myself competing in gravel races, mountain bike events, and I might have my sights on getting into cyclocross this winter (maybe).

The biggest help I’ve had to keep my body healthy, my mind sound and my spirits high has been online, virtual training. We live in an era of digital innovation, and long gone are the days of riding a stationary bike while staring at a wall. While stationary bikes have also seen a great deal of progress, the advent of trainers (specifically smart trainers), allows us to ride our own bikes indoors, feeling the changes in gradient as if you were in the real world, all while being interactive with others during planned workouts, group rides, and even races! There are several platforms out there with made-up worlds and digital versions of actual places in the world to choose from, so the exploring never ends. If you are data-driven like me, you can track your progress and adapt your training to whatever goal you might want to reach, from staying active at home to becoming an indoor specialist (no joke, it’s a thing) there’s something for everyone.”

Gary Smith – Harrisburg, PA
eating at a hotelbeach jumping cyclists

“I can still travel to transport bone marrow as a volunteer courier — I made seven trips November to January. I also practiced my jumping skills in March while guiding our new Florida Suncoast tour around Tampa Bay.  Now I’m doing a lot of around the neighborhood and enjoying Harrisburg bike rides with fewer motor vehicles.  I’m also posting many puns and “Dad Jokes” on Facebook.  Friend me at garyksmith814!”

James Oerding – St. Louis, MO

james oerding

“I bought a 120-year-old house and am rehabbing the entire thing. I bought a fake fireplace that I’m mocking here; it’s just so efficient! To be exact, it’s on Shaw Ave in St. Louis’ Hill neighborhood.  The oldest annual bike race goes right in front of my house!  It’s also the same street Yogi Berra was born on and started playing ball.”

Nic Blouin – Santa Fe, NM

“I’ve been doing a lot of biking, of course! It’s so beautiful in Santa Fe right now. I haven’t been here in spring for 8 years because of severe allergies, which have somehow disappeared because the world is topsy-turvy I guess. Right now I’m putting the finishing touches on our New Mexico tour!

Angelo Ross – Ohiopyle, PA

“I’ve been skating outside when it’s dry, inside at a warehouse I have with a few friends when it rains (observing social distancing rules, of course). I’ve also been doing yoga, running a bit, and pedaling on my trainer.” Angelo is also an artist! You can check out his work on Instagram @angeloross3 and his website

Paul Kingsbury – Elmira, NY
“During these crazy Covid days my shop is only open part time. That gives me more time to ride, mostly by myself but sometimes with Lori and our little dog, Remi. I also have more time to rehab donated bikes for my downtown friends in need. I also have more time at home. The yard has never looked better! Another perk, happy hour comes earlier!”
Colleen O’Neil – Ohiopyle, PA

southeast asia white templetrail running ohiopyle

“Montana and I spent two months bike touring in Southeast Asia this winter. Since we got home in January, I signed up to run a 50k trail race withe some friends on the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. But since the lockdown happened, I’ve been doing a lot of solo running and cross-training with yoga and mountain biking. I’ve also started baking bread and doing some watercolor painting. It’s actually been pretty fun to get back into hobbies I’ve stopped doing in the past few years.”

Raina King – Yakima, WA

“Besides spring cleaning and adopting a lovable tabby cat, I have been exploring my relatively new town (moved here in the winter) by bike and have been exploring the outskirts of town by foot! A few local trails are still open in the canyon of the Yakima River – and while steep, hot, an  sometimes sandy the views do not disappoint!”

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