Yough Hatch report May 29

Yough Hatch report May 29

May 29, 2011

Green Drakes, Green Drakes and some more of those bad boys.  We are expecting the hatch to last for another 7 to 10 days.

Do not allow them to steal the show entirely, there are also March Browns and a very healthy Sulphur hatch starting to kick in.

Friday Night there was a micro burst that dumped about 1 inch of rain in the Cassleman drainage and really blew out the Yough.. High and Muddy.  Look for that to all flush through by Tuesday AM

Meadow Run is in great shape  and full of bugs


Water temps are running in the 50’s now, finally! This makes for good hatches and the warm days of later will cause all the hatches to be compressed into fewer weeks time. Look for and be ready to fish any or all of these:

BWO sz 18
Blue Quill sz 16
Quill Gordon sz 12-14
Hendrickenson sz 12-14
March Brown sz 12-14
Sulphurs sz 16
Caddis sz 14-18

Dale’s Tip

The Quill Gordon begins it’s emergence on the stream bottom and as an adult fly swims to the surface to take flight. Fish a quill gordon wet fly or soft hackle emerger subsurface with a twitch for a chance at some really large fish. The takes are quite aggressive so remember to keep a light touch!