You guys are the greatest!

You guys are the greatest!

Dear Eric and Kasia,

I was going to write you a letter, a real letter on paper, like nobody does these days. But I’m doing it this way.

In summary, the Michigan trip was fantastic! I had no idea about the natural beauty of northern Michigan, and now I know it is one of the most incredibly lovely parts of our country. I feel that, like me, most don’t know this fact. Go on this trip and they will know..

Kudos to the entire WV team for planning it the way you did. You picked the right places and the right amount of time.

Now to the Group leaders: Josh and Angelo are two of the most professional and talented and inspiring people in your industry. Hold on to them. They were sensitive to the individual needs of the group members, and helping the disparate members to become a group by the trips’ end. I want them on every trip I book in the future!

I have taken a lot of bike trips in my time, including the three with you: Cuba, Kentucky, and this one. I think the total is about 15. I’ve done them with Backroads, Butterfield and Robinson, and Blue Marble in Europe. You guys are the tops… I really mean it. I get the most for my money, a subject we must acknowledge, with Wilderness Voyageurs. Your tireless guides are the most knowledgable and involved in every aspect of the trip.

So thanks a million! I’m not sure where I want to go next . . . but the Badlands and Wisconsin are top on the list. I’m already excited!

Yours truly,

Alan Momeyer

Rating: Excellent *****
Alan Momeyer
New York City, NY