Wisconsin Wanderlust Bike Tour Daily Elevation Profile

Wisconsin Wanderlust Bike Tour Daily Elevation Profile

Below are the daily elevations for our Wisconsin Wanderlust Rail Trail Bike Tour. Beware when looking at these! The jagged lines can look very intimidating, so take a close look at the scale on the left as compared to the miles on the bottom of the chart. Be aware that many of the sudden spikes you see in elevation gain below are the result of tunnel passings or bridge crossings.This tour takes places on limestone trails & paved car-free trails.

The Wisconsin tour is rated as an intermediate tour, due to it being 6 consecutive days of riding and the maximum daily distance is 53 miles, there is no strenuous climbing involved!



Day 1 – Milwaukee to Cedarburg

Elevation Profile Wisconsin Day 1


Day 2 – The Glacial Drumlin State Trail

Elevation Profile Wisconsin Day 2

Day 3 – Military State Trail from Madison to Mt Horeb

Elevation Profile Wisconsin Day 3

Day 4 – Badger State Trail and Sugar Run Trail from Madison to New Glarus

Elevation Profile Wisconsin Day 4

Day 5 – Elroy – Sparta Trail. The 3 spikes are the tunnels!

Elevation Profile Wisconsin Day 5

Day 6 Great River State Trail from La Crosse to Trempealeau

Elevation Profile Wisconsin Day 6** Routes are subject to change, and these specific routes are not guaranteed. Routes can change due to weather, construction, seasonal events, etc.