Voodoo Brewery

Voodoo Brewery

Our brewing brothers to the north are making the trip on June 18th to bring us their beverages from the mystic realm.  Touting some of the most sought after beers in the market, Voodoo has the kick in the pants beers that the true beer aficionado loves.  With nothing under 6.5% ABV they will be showing their muscles within the crowd as they pour from their oak barrel.

The 4 Seasons IPA (8.0%) is a hop lover’s dream.  With the bitter hops lingering on your palate you will be dying to get another sample because of the voodoo spell it put onto your tongue.

For the Pillzilla, the Big Keller Pils, 9 different hops are used within the brewing process.  This takes the classic pilsner that everyone loves and adds a nice hoppy twist to it.  The work put into this beer over the last ten years has payed off for the Voodoo team, because Beer Advocate has rated highest of all Kellerbiers in the world!  So at Beer and Gear you will get a taste of a world legend.

As for the other possible beers that might make an appearance with the crew, the fruity Belgian styled Love Child, the White Magik wheat ale,  and the malty Wynona’s Big Brown Ale are expected to show face as well.


Check out the Voodoo Brewery website for a complete listing of the brews!