The People Make It Special

The People Make It Special

What made the trip so special was the people in our group. Our guides, Josh and Angelo, did a good job of promoting group cohesion and team spirit. The guides were helpful and accommodating. In particular, I appreciated that Josh helped us arrange to go to Kentuck Knob rather than to Fallingwater on the  GAP Tour.

Also, Josh and Angelo worked with me when I needed a break from riding to give me a lift to the next support station, which was all I needed. They often offered optional side trips or extra challenges, or other alternatives, and didn’t make anyone feel guilty for not doing something. One comment I would make is that the four-day GAP bike tour is definitely not for beginners! It is intermediate level riding.

The places we stayed were uniformly good, both the food and the lodgings.

Going with a group was definitely more fun, and easier, than going it alone!

Rating: Excellent *****
Danielle Scherer
Cranberry Township, PA

Great Allegheny Passage Bike Tour