The Best Sunsets on our Biking Vacations

The Best Sunsets on our Biking Vacations

There is no greater reward after a day of biking than the serene beauty of a sunset. As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm and golden glow over the landscape, it’s the perfect time to unwind, reflect and truly savor the moments of your biking vacation.

On many of our trips, you’ll have the chance to witness some pretty impressive sunsets. So, sit back, grab a post-ride beverage, and marvel at nature’s impressive show with all of your new riding buddies. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most awe-inspiring sunset locales on our bike tours.


Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

When it comes to mind-boggling sunsets, the West Coast often steals the spotlight. However, our Chesapeake Bay Bike Tour offers an enchanting experience on the eastern bank of the Tred Avon River at Sandaway Suites. Here, you can unwind on Sandaway’s private lawn and beach, allowing you to watch the sunset’s reflection shimmering on the water, amidst sailboats gracefully gliding down the river.


Circle View Ranch, South Dakota

Set on expansive ranch land just above the canyons of the Badlands, Circle View Ranch offers a near 360-degree view of the sky as it fades through the colors of the sunset. It is truly the perfect way to spend the first evening in South Dakota on our Mickelson Trail & The Badlands Bike Tour.

Guests can choose to take a quiet moment to sit on the back deck, or roam the surrounding land to visit all of the ranch animals (and hold a kitty or two) while the sun nears the horizon. You can even fly a kite, or scour the ground for shiny rocks reflecting the view.


Seneca Lake, New York

Watching the sunset evolve from the same spot each night during our Seneca Backroads & Brews Bike Tour is a genuinely captivating experience. The view from Grist Iron Brewery & Lodge never loses its charm. Each sunset offers a new experience. Better yet, the ever unique sunsets pair well with a different brew every evening.




Olympic National Park, Washington

Deep within the Olympic Peninsula lies a lodge nestled beside a pristine lake, surrounded by majestic mountains. Lake Crescent Lodge, our final stop on the Olympic Peninsula Bike Tour, boasts a tranquil dock and beach, inviting you to sit and witness the sun’s graceful descent behind the mountains, casting a mesmerizing reflection across the lake.


Farmington, Pennsylvania

Perched high on the edge of the Laurel Highlands, The Historic Summit Inn offers several balconies that provide panoramic views of western Pennsylvania. As evening sets in, you can watch the sun dip below the distant towns, creating a unique and captivating vista between the mountains. Lucky for you, we stay at the Summit throughout all four of our Great Allegheny Passage Bike Tours.

“During our GAP 5 in September, Rob and I set an alarm on our phone to make sure our group did not miss the beautiful sunset while dining at the Summit. We were able to assemble everyone for a beautiful group picture.  In addition, I was able to get a few couple pictures and some Wilderness Voyageurs employee pictures. The guests were thrilled about this minor attention to detail bonus experience.  You sure cannot beat that vista from the veranda of the Summit Inn!” – Bike Guide Barbara Mozina



Havana’s abundant character, coupled with its tropical climate, guarantees stunning sunsets almost daily. Whether you’re treated to golden yellows and oranges or mesmerizing pinks and purples depends on the weather, but either way, it’s a sight that will never disappoint. Our Cuba Bike Tours offer ample opportunities to experience this beauty across the country.

According to bike guide Rob Horschman, Havana boasts numerous rooftop patios perfect for enjoying “el atardecer.”

“On a Wilderness Voyageurs tour, it is okay to leave the dinner table to check out the sunset,” – Rob


Suncoast, Florida

Of course, we can’t overlook the Sunshine State when discussing sunsets. The Suncoast lives up to its name, offering stunning nightly displays along the coast. During an evening on our Florida Suncoast Bike Tour, you’ll enjoy dinner bathed in the golden glow of the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico. To top it off, there’s a nightly sunset celebration from the rooftop bar of the Fenway Hotel, where we stay on the second night of the trip.


Northern Michigan

The sunsets of Michigan are nothing short of spectacular, and they can easily hold their own against the renowned sunsets of both Florida and Cuba. When you embark on our Michigan Islands, Trails & Dunes Bike Tour, you’ll have the privilege of experiencing these mesmerizing sunsets up close and personal. Each evening brings a new perspective from which to admire the sun’s descent.

In the world of biking adventures, there’s something truly magical about the way the day culminates in the serenity of a sunset. As the sun gracefully dips below the horizon, it’s a moment that invites you to pause, reflect, and savor the memories of your biking vacation. Where will you witness the sunset next? Check out all of our bike tours.



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