Snow Goes Away and Boaters Will Play!

Snow Goes Away and Boaters Will Play!

It is soggy. The unfortunate rain and warmer temperatures have put a bit of a damper on ski season here. However in this corner of the world, when the snow goes away the boaters get to play! The Lower Yough is running about 6″ and featuring a beautiful shade of brown today, with the occasional ice chunk. For the first time in over a month class IV and V rivers are running in the local area. Kayakers are having a blast!

It is always a joy for boaters to mix up the winter season between first tracks on fresh powder and first runs down the river in the new year. If you are wondering just who is crazy enough to slip into a kayak and huck themselves down a river in January, come on down to Ohiopyle and meet a different breed of athlete. The landscape is noticeably different from the last blog posts. One of my favorite things about this area is that even with grey skies and melting snow the greens of the pine trees and rhododendrons truly pop in contrast to the winter background.

The Loop Take Out

Favorit Gear Piece of the Day: The Double D Drysuit and Toaster Mitts, perfect for boating at this time of year!

Remember that Falls City Pub is open all year round, and there is an awesome wood burner in the middle of the restaurant to help warm your bones.

Garrett Street is your adventure Headquarters in Ohiopyle.

Wilderness Voyageurs, 103 Garrett Street, Ohiopyle PA 15470