Sleeping in the Parking lot

Sleeping in the Parking lot

Ohiopyle Annual Trip Review

I enjoy coming there every year. I wish I lived closer. the guides always do a good job and I haven’t drowned yet. lol been going there since I was 13. once I was able to drive I started driving down sleeping in your parking lot which by the way I Thank you very much for thinking that I was just a drunk sleeping it off and not just having me towed or arrested lol I’m just a poor guy that would rather spend his money on gifts from your store.

banks of Yough River Ohiopyle

thank you guys very much this year I was in a silver focus the year before it was a geo metro every year I bring whoever wants to venture down some just want to get out of the house but they have a blast going down the river.

Rating: Excellent *****
Bruce Noftsinger
Massillon, ohio




Bruce duckied the Lower Yough in September of 2014.

To understand duckies a bit more check out our Intro to Inflatable Kayaks video.

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