Quite a Trip

Quite a Trip

Once again, I had a great trip with Wilderness Voyageurs (WV)–this was the 4 day trip along the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Our guides–Josh and Gary were excellent–Josh could identify every bird in the sky and Gary could entertain us with non-stop puns, what a guy!

The accommodations were great–especially the 2 nights at the Sandaway Inn in Oxford MD–that’s a place I’ll be sure to revisit again.

The biking was also very good–the guides gave us lots of options so if you wanted to ride 50 miles in a head-wind, you could do so or, if you were more sane, you could do a much shorter ride and enjoy spending time at the Maritime museum and the beer emporium.

I’ve already signed up for three more rides with WV in 2022. I wouldn’t be doing that if I didn’t already know experience that they are a first-rate outfit. When it comes to bike tours, it’s hard to beat WV for their great folks–from Kasia (who manages everything) to Chelsea (who makes our reservations) to the terrific guides they employ.

Rating: Excellent *****
Jim Turner
Pittsburgh, PA