Pennsylvania Dutch Country Trip Elevation Profile

Pennsylvania Dutch Country Trip Elevation Profile

Pennsylvania Dutch Country Trip Elevation Profile

Our tour of Pennsylvania’s Dutch Country is rated as an intermediate tour, and it includes some hills. Getting up and over them is truly the best way to appreciate the rolling central Pennsylvanian landscape. There’s also some elevation change from bridges and tunnels throughout the routes.


Day 1: Manheim Community Park to General Sutters Inn 

A rolling ride through farmland from the outskirts of Lancaster to Litiz, where we stay at General Sutters Inn.

31 miles

+ 1533 ft / – 1569 ft


Day 2: Lititz to the Fulton Steamboat Inn

Another day of gentle, rolling hills northeast of Lancaster with a few beautiful covered bridges, a visit to Ephrata Cloister, a historic grist mill and a little bit of rail-trail sprinkled in.

37.2 miles

+1,603 ft / -1,621 ft


Day 3: Steamboat Inn to Intercourse

Ride to Intercourse, with a chance to stop and visit the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Take a rest in an Amish orchard before hitting the road for the Inn & Spa at Intercourse.

27.2 miles 

+1,281 ft / -1,219 ft


Day 4: Intercourse to Manheim Community Park 

On your way back, pass through the Lapp Family Farm and get a scoop or two of ice cream. Pick up some fresh produce as you complete your final miles.

34.2 miles

+1,302 ft / -1,313 ft

To check out the tour overview, follow the link for PA Dutch details.

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