Ohiopyle: Summer Fun on Natural Water Slides at Meadow Run

Ohiopyle: Summer Fun on Natural Water Slides at Meadow Run

natural water slide OhiopyleOhiopyle’s Natural Water Slide: Meadow Run

We’re so spoiled by all the wonderful outdoor play opportunities that surround us here in Ohiopyle, we sometimes forget to tout some of the more unusual offerings. That is until someone asks us about natural water slides! This is our favorite water park – for sure!!!

natural water slides ohiopyle

Even Google Maps knows Meadow Run Natural Water Slide is a happening place and has it on their map of Ohiopyle.

Nature’s Best Water Park in Ohiopyle

DSC_0051-meadow-run-water-slide Meadow Run Creek is less than a 1/2-mile from Wilderness Voyageurs in Ohiopyle, PA. Meadow Run, as its called here, is home to some seriously fun slides, among other great outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain-biking, fly-fishing and kayaking. In fact, Meadow Run offers up outdoor action all year long! It feeds right into the Lower Youghiogheny River  and looks beautiful in spring and even in the dead of winter. Check out the ice on Meadow Run’s natural water slides here. Looks refreshing, especially this time of year, doesn’t it?

Slide into the 4th of July on a Natural Water Slide!

IMG_9189-fishing-meadow-runBut we’re in the midst of summer and ready to celebrate the 4th of July so we wanted to focus on what’s available to you now at Meadow Run. The natural water slides are made of sheets of 300-million-year-old homewood sandstone. Over centuries, the rushing water has created a smooth chute between a crack that floats riders down to the bottom.

The length and speed of the slide depends on the water levels so make sure to ask us how it’s flowing when you get into town.  Too high and you won’t want to go down it, especially with smaller kids. Summer levels are usually just right for lots of fun for most ages.

ohiopyle natural water slidesDuring really high water, kayakers run this portion of the creek! One of our guides shot this video in August of last year after 4 inches of rain in 2 hours.  Whoa! Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Nothing beats a refreshing slide after a mountain bike ride, hike or fly-fishing. We love the water so much, we head to the Meadow Run Natural Water slide even after rafting or kayaking. Yes, anglers love to fish in Meadow Run. There are various favorite fishing spots along the several miles of creek.

Want to know more things to do around Ohiopyle, including the natural water slide? Check out our earlier blog post July in Ohiopyle. There’s a sweet example video of the water slide in action in July with kids sliding down it!

We hope to see you this weekend.  Happy 4th of July!

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