Ohiopyle Great for First Timers and Frequent Flyers

Ohiopyle Great for First Timers and Frequent Flyers

The Lower Yough is live enough so that your experienced river rafters will have plenty of fun, but tame enough that even if your raft flips, it’s just an unexpected but fun diversion. What makes it work is the crew of guides from Wilderness Voyageurs who sense the expertise of each raft’s crew and keep an extra eye out where needed, but leave well enough alone so everyone has fun, including making mistakes you’ll laugh about afterwards.

Rating: Excellent *****
Patrick Merkle
Washington, DC


Patrick and his scout troop rafted with us in May of 2015 on the Lower Yough guide escorted trip.

Patrick, thanks for noticing and mentioning our staff. We are quite proud of our tribe of Yough River Guides, and their talents on and off the river.

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