Michigan Trails and Dunes Bike Tour Daily Elevation Profile

Michigan Trails and Dunes Bike Tour Daily Elevation Profile

Below are the daily elevations for our Michigan’s Islands, Trails & Dunes Bike Tour. Beware when looking at these! The jagged lines can look very intimidating, so take a close look at the scale on the left as compared to the miles on the bottom of the chart. This tour takes places on paved trails, car-free roads, and quite backroads with light traffic. Our Michigan tour is rated as an intermediate tour, and since the majority of the tour is near or around Lake Michigan, there is no strenuous climbing involved!


Day 1

We begin this tour off right .. with one heck of a downhill! Today’s ride is fast and fun, and will bring us onto Mackinac Island early enough that we will have plenty of time to explore this vehicle-free island on our own. (Biking 62.7 miles).


Day 2

Don’t let this chart scare you! Today we are riding a loop around the island, so even though there are some spikes below, if you pay attention to the elevations on the left you will see that we are only gaining 10-or-so feet. (Biking 8 miles and options for more riding).


Day 3

Not much climbing when you’re riding the shoreline. Day 3 is another relaxed riding day, as we explore the charming Northern Michigan shorelines. (Biking 69.5 miles).


Day 4

Today we pedal along a few different trail systems as we ride from Traverse City to Glen Arbor. (Biking 49.4 miles).


Day 5

Today we have some climbing in store, but this is our shortest riding day! We left plenty of time today to explore Sleeping Bear Dunes, so think of that climb 6 miles in, as a quick warm up for your Dune Climb later. (Biking 20.8 miles).



Day 6

Riding along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, your ride today will include three different trails: The Sleeping Bear Dunes Heritage Trail, the Betsie Valley Trailway & The MI Northern Railway Trail. (Biking 41 miles).


** Routes are subject to change, and these specific routes are not guaranteed. Routes can change due to weather, construction, seasonal events, etc.