Kentucky Bike & Bourbon Tour Daily Elevations

Kentucky Bike & Bourbon Tour Daily Elevations

Our Kentucky daily elevations profile graph shows you exactly what you’ll be riding on this popular tour.  The biking in and around Lexington, Kentucky is rolling. The climbs are not long, but there is quite a bit of up and down. These elevation charts look exceptionally challenging. Please keep in mind the left side of the chart is feet and the bottom of the chart measures mileage.


Day 1: Keeneland Racetrack to Woodford Reserve.
The biggest climb of today comes as you near Woodford Reserve and is only 400 feet. Most of the day is short ups and downs. The reward of Woodford Reserve makes it worth it!


Day 2: Wild Turkey to Wilmore, KY (33 Miles)
You will begin riding from across the Kentucky River from the Wild Turkey Distillery. The gentle ups and downs (the longest climb being right around 100 feet) continue today.


Day 3: Shaker Village to Lincoln Homestead State Park (35 miles)
This is ride option number one. Day 3 includes this ride for 35 miles, or the 54 mile option just below. Most of the ride is high on a ridge top with some beautiful views.


Day 3: 50 Mile option from Shaker Village to the Bourbon Manor
The second option for day 3 should you wish to continue biking from Lincoln Homestead State Park to Bardstown. Keep an eye on time so you aren’t late for your Willets Distillery Tour.


Day 4: Frankfort, KY to Lexington, KY
You will encounter the longest climb of the entire tour on day 4 – where over 3 miles it will be a grade bringing you from the river valley at 500 feet to 760 feet. Slow and steady. The SAG wagon can delivery anyone from the bottom to the top.


Day 5: Windy Corners to Claiborne Horse Farms
Just plain old beautiful biking! Small ups and downs over this 16 miles between breakfast and your horse farm tour. The glory of the Lexington countryside at its best!