How are we dealing with all this snow?

How are we dealing with all this snow?

It’s taking some big equipment! All the plow trucks are in action. Gordie has been plowing non stop since Saturday morning. He did get off to a bit of a slow start since he had to wait for a truck to pull the plow truck out of an unexpected ditch. But once he was back on the road, the non – stop plowing began. All the Ohiopyle activities got cancelled this weekend: no Winterfest and no Venture Outdoors Member Day. There was a “no driving” rule in affect on Saturday. If you drove through Ohiopyle – you might have gotten a ticket.

The guests at Trillium Lodge had a very exciting weekend getting snowed in. Gordie had to escort them to a from the lodge in order to get them in and out. Not everyone even made it to the event. They had fun since they had enough food to get them through and the power wasn’t lost, but their next visit might be a summer one.

Wilderness Voyageurs‘ staff was loving the event. Jenn & Rich navigated the main roads of Ohiopyle before the plows made it out. Eveyone else went skiing. In the end, the store wasn’t open for very many hours this weekend! It was a pretty exciting weekend.

Keep your eye on river gauges as the waters of the Lower Yough, and everything else in the area, are sure to be on the rise in the next couple weeks.

Enjoy the snow!