Great Days on the GAP

Bike Tour Group on the Great Allegheny Passage Bike Tour with Wilderness Voyageurs

Great Days on the GAP

Our recent bike touring trip on the Great Allegheny Passage was an exciting, rewarding, and enjoyable experience.

Accommodations and meals were excellent, our bike tour guides were friendly and helpful, and the great allegheny passage bike trail was interesting and stunningly beautiful. Four days of perfect weather was an added bonus!

This was our fourth consecutive bike tour with Wilderness Voyageurs. We experienced the same high level of professionalism and hospitality that we found on each of our previous bike tour trips (Easy Rider, Chesapeake Bay, and Erie Canal). We especially appreciated our bike tour guides (Josh and Kathy) who worked very hard to ensure that all went smoothly.

We look forward to future bike tours with Wilderness Voyagers!

Bruce & Judy Campbell
Spartanburg, SC

Rating: Excellent *****

This was Bruce & Judy’s fourth time adventuring with us! They completed the GAP and C&O Easy Rider Bike Tour in 2014, the Chesapeake Bay Bike Tour in 2015, the Erie Canal Bike Tour in 2016 and they just completed the Great Allegheny Passage Bike Tour with us this summer.