GAP/C&O Canal

Cyclists riding Pittsburgh to Washington DC on a Wilderness Voyageurs Bike tour

GAP/C&O Canal

This ride has been on my bucket list for several years and I was not disappointed: six days of car-free cycling, gorgeous scenery, friendly guides, and perfect early fall weather made for one spectacular bike trip!

Taylor, Colleen, Sarah Jane, and the entire Wilderness Voyageurs team took great care of the group — I especially appreciated the Skratch hydration mix, La Croix, and the high quality trail lunches. The overnight accommodations were all very comfortable and the hotel breakfasts, for the most part, were satisfactory.

The Hotel Gunter, however, came up short on properly fueling athletes for a cold and early start. In contrast, the breakfast Colleen prepared was perfect, especially the big bowls of blueberries and strawberries. And I don’t know when she got up to make coffee, but it was ready when I came out before breakfast to take pictures. Bless her!

The daily itineraries, cue sheets, and Taylor did a good job of highlighting points of interest and amenities.

I can only imagine how much work Taylor and Colleen did “behind the scenes” to make this trip wonderful.

I expect it was a lot and that they had some long days, but they showed up every morning with big smiles that never faded.

I will happily recommend WV to others and I look forward to biking with you in the future.

Rating: Excellent *****
Andrea F.
Ellicott City, MD

Our Pittsburgh to Washington D.C 6 Day Bike Tour was Andrea’s first time adventuring with us!