Erie Canal Bike Trip

Erie Canal Bike Trip

Wonderfully orchestrated trip despite this being the first time you ran this particular one. Richard and his crew did a remarkably attentive job for all riders. The places we stayed and ate were varied and good choices. The length of ride time each day was right on the mark. I made some wonderful new friends with BOTH riders and guides. Thank you. Only two recommendations I would make:

1) I would suggest an informal ‘buddy system’ ESPECIALLY on the first day when we’re riding on roads with traffic. The nature of our group was that we were strung wayyyyy out such that some individuals were by themselves with no one else in sight. Couples naturally stayed together but otherwise everyone just kind of rode at their own comfortable pace which often left them by themselves despite the guides efforts to keep tabs.

2) Many of the small towns along the Erie Canal that were used for ‘support stops’ looked to be very interesting and charming. I know the guides probably don’t want folks to stray too far from the van so as to keep the day moving, but an extra 15 minutes to briefly walk the downtowns of these little towns would have been nice and they were typically right behind where the van parked. Perhaps this could be an option for the folks that arrive FIRST to the support stop while waiting for the others to arrive. But I understand it’s like ‘herding cats’ to get all your riders in the same place at the same so it may not be feasible. Yet it would have been great to have a few minutes to experience these little towns no matter how brief.

Rating: Excellent *****
Deac Manross
Edinboro, PA

Deac, thank you for the feedback.  We are working to incorporate more time in the canal towns.  The towns are quite charming, and more businesses are opening up in them.

Deac traveled on our inaugural Erie Canal Bike Tour in June of 2015.

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