Colorado fly fishing trip overview

Colorado fly fishing trip overview

Is this trip for me? So how exactly does this trip work?

Frying Pan brown trout

Do you want to be as happy as this guy?

To determine if this trip is for you, answer the following questions:

Do you like to catch trout?
Have you always wanted to catch a Cutthroat Trout?
Do you enjoy fishing new waters?
Fishing in mind blowing scenery is of interest?
Focusing on fishing for 6 days sounds like a good idea?

If you answered positively to 4 or more of the above questions, you should probably get on the phone to us ASAP. Seriously, this trip is intended for intermediate or better anglers who would like to explore new waters and meet other anglers.

Wade Fishing the Roaring ForkYou need to be comfortable wading in moving water, comfortable fishing for 6+ hours a day ( you can always hang out riverside), capable of attaching leader to tippet, and tippet to the fly.  Being of intermediate level with all of these skills will help to maximize your enjoyment of this trip.  You do not need to be a world traveling expert to enjoy this trip, many of  our previous clients were relatively new to the sport but were comfortable with all of the necessary skills.

How does the trip operate?

This trip is focused on exposing you to as many new amazing Colorado fishing locations as possible and to maximize the time on the stream. That means we have planned fishing time every day of the 6 day trip.  The trip starts in Denver, where we will pick clients up from the environs of the Denver International Airport, this is fancy talk for airport hotels, we then drive west for 2 to 3 hours to our initial fishing location.  This can vary based upon weather and water conditions, it may be the Eagle River, it may be some private waters on the Colorado, it may be a small headwater stream,,  we have plenty of options.

Secret Colorado Stream

Rob doing a little R & D

This trip is a bit more structured than a traditional “shop trip” and a little less structured than a standard “guided fishing trip.”  Think of it as a fully supported fishing vacation, you will not need to worry about, where are the river accesses, what restaurants are good and will be open when I come off the river, how do local weather conditions impact the various river options, car rental messiness, etc.

The trip is operated by Wilderness Voyageurs fishing guides that are based in Ohiopyle, but have spent time getting to know these western streams. Wilderness Voyageurs has invested in getting to know these places, and has invested in infrastructure in the area and is a licensed and bonded Colorado fishing outfitter ( #2883).  These are the guys and girls that you have spent time with on the Yough or the Cassellman or maybe the Savage.  They are expert fishing guides, who will be helping you to strategize on the day’s stream, select fly patterns, help you improve techniques.  They will not be hovering over your shoulder and instructing every moment of the week, they will be fishing alongside and reveling with you about these sweet fishing spots. The guides will put you on fish but they are not “guiding” you every moment of the day.

Our goal is to provide a very reasonably priced trip that will provide an introduction to western fishing and an exposure to a number of different waters.  To achieve this and keep the cost below the stratosphere, the guide to guest ratio will be 1 guide to 4 clients.   6 days of fishing, 5 nights of lodging, 13 meals, car rental and guide escort, for less than $1700,, we think this trip delivers a fishing value second to none.

Streamside fishing lunch

All fishing is wading.  We have chosen streams where mid shin level wading is available every day some days there will be the need for mid thigh level of wading to maximize fishing success.

Although we will be traveling as a small group, the trip has been designed to provide you with time to do some exploring on your own.  Generally the day is broken up into 2 fishing sessions, and if you want to take a break and meander the streets of Carbondale or Aspen, we can accommodate that.  If you want to hang at lodging and relax, but get a little fishing in later, you bet, the lodging we utilize is within easy walking distance of the river.  This is your vacation so we want to make sure it satisfies.

Arriving & Departing

Wilderness Voyageurs will pick up all trip members in either Denver near the airport or rendezvous with those who drive in at a location in the I-70 corridor that is close to our first fishing destination. If you are driving in from the east, then connecting with us near the airport will make the most sense for the purposes of storing your vehicle. If you are arriving from the west, then we will determine a meeting location. The first day’s fishing location can vary based upon weather and water conditions.  On the final day of the trip ( a Friday) we will return to the Denver Airport by 4:00 pm, you should book flights that depart after 6:00 pm.

If you would like to chat some more about the ins and outs of this trip, give us a call

Tight Lines from Eric, Ryan and Rob.

Wilderness Voyageurs is a registered Colorado Outfitter, # 2883    800-272-4141