Birds of the Georgia Gold Coast

Georgia bird in flight

Birds of the Georgia Gold Coast

Bike touring & Birding

Being on a bike allows you to get just a tad closer to some really cool birds, and also eliminates the one more barrier between you and them, the windshield.

Georgia Gold coast bike tour


Thought that was cool, we are just getting started.

Golden eagle georgia bike tour


Juvenile Bald Eagle

Georgia Gold coast bike tour

Red Shouldered Hawk

Harris neck wildlife refuge georgia

Anhinga – the snake bird

Blue Heron Georgia Bike Tour

Tri-Colored Heron

A majority of these birds can be spotted during our visit to the Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge on day 2 of the Georgia Gold  Coast Bike Tour. The refuge hosts almost 350 species of birds throughout the year, most famously is the “Painted Bunting”.  The entire trip is in close proximity to the water and birds are our constant companion.  The exact species we will see will vary between the spring tours and the fall tours.

Josh Lawrey bird photography

don’t feed josh

This is Josh, he is the guy that took all of these wonderful bird photos.  His birding skills are legendary, he can identify birds from their songs, and even call in a number of them with his own whistling.  Josh can be found leading the Georgia bike tour, the Chesapeake Bay Bike Tour and the Pittsburgh to DC Bike tour.  Read a bit more about this talented bicycling tour guide.

If you are into spotting birds, consider joining the Chesapeake Bay Bike Tour, where we visit the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, home to the greatest density of nesting Bald Eagles, north of Florida.

The Biking tour of Georgia’s Gold Coast is offered at the end of March through mid-April, then again in late October and early November.   It is great way to begin your biking season, or a nice gentle way to end your biking season.  This is a 4 day, 3 night tour, with daily mileages of 25 to 40 friendly road bike miles.

Wilderness Voyageurs, operates Inn to Inn biking tours throughout the United States.  Choose from Rails-to-Trails bike tours, or road biking tours.

A couple tips for spring biking.

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