Biking The Katy Trail

Biking The Katy Trail

Katy Trail Tour Wilderness Voyageurs My wife Christine and I recently biked the Katy Trail from October 12 to October 17.

We and nine others were on this ride along with our two guides, Kevin and James. We have been on many organized biking vacations, but this one was very special. Our fellow bikers and our two guides were wonderful. Our first three days we had rain, but each person in our group dressed for rain and we all enjoyed the day in spite of the bad weather.
We must tell you that the dollar value of this vacation was worth every cent. The lodging was excellent, and the food was great. Kevin and James did a fabulous job of providing snacks and lunch on the trail, On one of the rainy days our guide Kevin was kind enough to purchase some hot soup for the very soaked bikers in our group. This was one of our worst days weather wise, but all eleven bikers rode the thirty seven miles from Rocheport to Jefferson City. Seeing eleven muddy and soaked bikers walking into the lobby of the Capitol Plaza Hotel was a sight to behold.
We loved this biking trip, and meeting such wonderful fellow bikers and excellent guides was a great biking experience. We are looking forward to doing another biking vacation with Wilderness Voyageurs in the future.
Joe Torello

Rating: Excellent *****
Joseph Torello
Cherry Hill, NJ

Participated in the Katy Trail Bike tour during October of 2014.

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