Another great kayak instruction

White Water Kayak Instruction

Another great kayak instruction

Went out with Tom for a 1/2 day kayak instruction. Your guides are always helpful, patient, and fun. Stuck around afterwards for the Friday night loop run with Josh. He’s been the biggest reason why I decided to begin kayaking and the biggest reason why I have bought all my gear and boat from wilderness voyageurs. I will keep coming back to your shop with guides like Josh there to help.

Rating: Pretty good ****
Jon Graham
Greensburg, Pa


John has taken numerous kayak courses with us over the last few years, it all started in a Learn to kayak weekend.  He regularly attends our free Friday Night loop run.

Howdy Jon, it was nice to meet you the other night after the loop run, and I enjoyed our chat.  Thanks for being a great customer and look forward to future paddling sessions with you.