And a Wonderful Time was Had by All

Group Bike Touring through Idaho on Coeur d'Alenes Trail and Route of the Hiawatha on a Wilderness Voyageurs Bike Tour.

And a Wonderful Time was Had by All

Our bike tour guides turned the page, transferring our dream adventure into a memorable reality! Raina and James were so inviting and personable!! They were so accommodating, guiding and facilitating our trip and leading us on four uniquely different and exciting days of cycling.

The first day out of Spokane consisted of very challenging hills, followed by a scenic tour along Lake Coeur d’Alene.

The second day (the longest) was basically flat, and took us through a scenic corridor of forest and lake.

The third day was the promised day of tunnels and trestles, with the route changing from paved to rock.

The fourth and final day featured the Hiawatha, ending with ten miles down a wonderfully scenic paved trail into Wallace. What a way to finish a great tour!

The food and accommodations were topnotch. We’re not sure how you accomplish this within the reasonable cost of the trip!

Thank you for all your hard work planning and executing this tour.

So much of the success of the trip must also be attributed to James and Raina, our trusty bike tour guides.

Rating: Excellent *****
Jim and Lois Rawers
Corvallis, Oregon

Idaho’s Coeur d’Alenes and The Hiawatha Bike Tour was the first adventure that Jim and Louis took with us.