Sunshine in November

Sunshine in November

Winter Sun?  YES!!

If you live anywhere near Ohiopyle, you might not recognize this big glowing ball:Image

It’s the sun. And it’s shining. Finally.

And it’s supposed to keep shining all weekend long.Image

66 degrees on Sunday. Shorts and sandals weather! After a week of freezing hurricane drizzle, that’s going to feel awesome. No doubt, this is going to be a great weekend to be in Ohiopyle. And since it’s already mid-November, it could be the last nice weekend this fall.

So get down here. There’s plenty of water (2.5ish feet and holding) in that wet thing that runs through town. But if you’re like me and enjoy being dry, the single track is in great shape. Since the soil is so hard and rocky around here, the trails aren’t affected much by rain.

If you stop in the store, we’d be happy to set you up with a map and a route for a few hours of hiking or mountain biking. If you know where to go, it’s easy to piece together a 30 mile ride on dirt in the park.

By the weekend, the GAP Rail Trail should be all dried up. Our rental Cannondale Adventures are still ready for a day of cruising along the river. Rates are $6 per hour, and $21 for a full day.


Since it’s the end of the season, the store is full of slamming deals on clothes, shoes, and gear. Winter and summer stuff. Just look at that sale rack. It’s ready to explode:


As always, the Falls City Pub will be ready with fine foods and beverages for your post-sunshine enjoyment.

I don’t mean to sound desperate to get some people in the store, but its going to be a sweet weekend to be in the Pyle. I’m really just looking out for you. And the bow-tie bears I have set up next to the computer aren’t very good company. They never laugh at my jokes.


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