Ohiopyle Biking

From Rail Trail to road to mountain bike single track, Ohiopyle has plenty of fantastic biking waiting for you!

Wilderness Voyageurs is based in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania, a small mountain town nestled along the banks of the Youghiogheny River. The population is about 75 people, but the bike population is about 400 bikes. We think we win the per capita bike competition in the US. When you do bike here, don’t miss out on Falls City Pub – the local bikers bar.


Why is Ohiopyle a biker’s dream? Because of the wide variety of wonderful bicycling paths available to the beginner through expert cyclist!

GAP Great Allegheny Passage Rail-Trail


The Great Allegheny Passage,(GAP Trail) the rail trail paralleling the Yough River through Ohiopyle State Park, is one of the gems of The Laurel Highlands. It is only a 2% grade, making the miles easy to pedal through and is spectacularly beautiful. Waterfalls, creeks, miles and miles of trees, and the Yough River as your constant companion is what day on the GAP will provide. This trail begins in Pittsburgh and extends to Cumberland, Maryland where it connects with the C & O Canal. Explore the trail by renting a bike for the day in Ohiopyle, or join one of our Inn to Inn bike tours.

GAP Trail - Ohiopyle

Ohiopyle State Park Mountain Biking Trails


Ohiopyle State Park- the largest state park in PA, has more than 30 miles of mountain biking trails, and is building more miles of trail every year. Ohiopyle State Park Biking Information


Additional mountain biking is available both north and south of Ohiopyle. Essentially look at the map, and all of the green blobs in both directions have trails. Seven Springs resort, 18 miles north has a downhill course and 20 miles of single track. If you start your ridingon top of the mountain, you can actually pull off a day of biking with minimal climbing. Plan ahead and you will stay on top all day long. Hidden Valley Ski Resort, also has a trail system, but it is less developed and involves a little more climbing. Keep heading north and you will crest the Laurel Ridge where there are miles of beautiful trails, highly technical and a bit cooler due to elevation. The best trail head for these trails is at the old Laurel Mountain Ski Area, off of Route 30.


Head south out of Ohiopyle, and set your sights on Quebec Run. This is super technical and difficult riding. Miles of rock gardens and hill climbing. Due to the heavy tree cover the rocks are almost always slippery. Seriously do not head here unless you have a clue.


Keep heading south just over the border into West Virginia, and you will find Coopers Rocks State Park. About 20 miles of really fun single track await you, and amazing views of the Cheat Canyon.

Ohiopyle Area Trails: State Game Lands


The state park itself has limited cross bike options, but we connect two incredible zones of riding, State Game Lands 51 & State Game Lands 111. You can access SGL 111 from parking lots on Maple Summit, and then connect trails all the way down to Confluence and complete the loop by hopping on the Great Allegheny Passage. To explore SGL 51, head out of town north on the GAP, and then head east at the gate by Camp Carmel. Ultimately, you can loop back through the Mitchell Field parking area and the Jonathan Run trail system. Stop into the shop for more detailed directions and pointers.

Ohiopyle Road Biking: Laurel Highlands


We will not lie, the road biking around here is hand in glove with climbing. Every direction out of town starts with a 1000′ foot climb. But, what goes up must come down. Once you head out into the countryside there are miles of country roads that are in great shape and have minimal traffic. Our Tuesday night group ride usually does a 25 miles or so route and the standard number of cars that pass in our direction is usually less than a dozen. Join us on one of these group rides, 5 o’clock at the store. More details on Ohiopyle road biking options.

Inn to Inn Bike Tours – covering roads and trails in the Ohiopyle region.


You deserve this! Hop on your bike and meander through the countryside and small towns at your own pace, we take care of the details. Feel the power of these places through the intimacy of traveling by bike, top down and windshield removed. We move your luggage, prepare your lunch, tune your bike, and show up with the SAG vehicle when you decide you want a lift to the comfortable Inn that awaits you. Did we mention that we provide you with a GPS unit for your bike, and that 2 guides are at your service to regale you with local lore, bike knowledge and ensure that you have a vacation to remember?

Ohiopyle Bike Rentals


Wilderness Voyageurs offers a big selection of bicycle rentals in Ohiopyle, for use on road, the GAP trail, and single track. With over 100 bikes available, plus kid carts and tagalongs, your friends or family can rent bikes for a few hours or a day and enjoy the terrific riding in Ohiopyle.


Bike Rentals Ohiopyle PA
Two Bike Rental Locations

Wilderness Voyageurs has been renting bikes in Ohiopyle since 1986, when we had a fleet of 12 BCA bikes. Today, choose from more than 100 bikes at our two locations in downtown Ohiopyle. We have the correct size bike for you and everyone in your family. The Great Allegheny Passage, one of America’s most famous Rail-Trails, runs through the center of town and provides a near level bike trail that is friendly for a casual day outing on a bike. Rent a bike for an hour or for the day, whatever suits your Ohiopyle plans.


Main Bike Rental Location: Grab a bike from our main location located at 103 Garrett Street, adjacent to the railroad tracks at the north entrance to Ohiopyle. If you are arriving from the Donegal or Seven Springs area, we are the first building you will encounter upon arrival to Ohiopyle. This location is open year round and bike rentals are available every day, weather dependent.


GAP Trail Bike Rental Location & Full Service Ohiopyle Bike Shop: Our second location is located adjacent to the Great Allegheny Passage across from the Ohiopyle Visitors Center (the old train station) and behind Falls Market. This is our full service bike shop, it’s the most complete bike repair facility in Ohiopyle. No matter what the problem is with your bike, we are able to get you back on the trail. In April, our bike rental and repair shop is open on weekends and transitions to open every day in mid-May through October.