WV Staff in Hawaii!?

WV Staff in Hawaii!?

To catch a break from the snow, two WV staff members went to Hawaii to check out some sun, sand, and surf. Yes, we were there during the tsunami scare, and no, it wasn’t a big deal. Good thing too, because many of the buildings in Hawaii don’t have walls – they don’t need them!

So I tried Stand-Up Paddle Boarding and it is cool (at least in the ocean). It took me about an hour to get a good feel for the balance, and then I was able to comfortably stand as 3 foot rolling waves passed under me. My main goal, of course, was to surf! By kneeling on the board and taking quick strokes with the paddle held at mid shaft, I was able to consistently gain enough speed to catch a wave, stand up, and surf it in. The best part was carving in the face of the wave with the paddle to steer, something surfers cannot do but a kayaker like myself really appreciated. (For the record, Kathryn loved surfing and was a total natural at it. Seriously, she was way better than me!)

Lou and Kathryn riding waves in Hawaii

WV Res Director Kathryn surfing and Asst Store Manager Lou Paddle Boarding in Hawaii. Yes, Lou knows he's supposed to hold the T Grip. He had just stood up.

What do you think of Stand Up Paddle Boarding? Ever tried it? Think it would be cool on the Middle or Lower Yough? Let us know in the comments section.