Winter in the shop-Ohiopyle

Winter in the shop-Ohiopyle

We’re finally getting our first significant snow here in Ohiopyle:

Ohiopyle Snow Wilderness Voyageurs

Town is pretty deserted this time of year, and the snow definently ads to the isolated feeling.

But that’s not a bad thing. Now I have time to do all the things I could only dream of over the summer. Like organizing all our hangers by size, material, and usage:

And making sure the shoes are staggered correctly:

outdoor store boots Wilderness Voyageurs

Then finishing the staggering process, and realizing my coffee mug is gone.

And searching all the usual spots (on top of the t-shirt shelf, under the sunglasses, and next to the open sign)  for almost an hour, then finding mug displayed next to Venice H2s. Right where it belongs:

We don’t have enough snow to make the trails un-ridable yet, so last night I went out for a quick night ride on a trail that definitely wasn’t in the State Park (because the park is closed at night time.)

The trail that shall-not-be-named was in pretty nice shape. I might have to head out for some more snowy miles today at lunch.

I don’t mind a little bit of winter riding, but I wouldn’t want to be this guy:

Ohiopyle winter wilderness Voyageurs

He’s on his way to New York City from Cleveland. Brave soul.

According to Google maps, that’s 666 miles. He bought lots of Cliff Bars.

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