Upper Yough Release

Upper Yough Release

Upper Yough Rafting Season 2011

Upper Yough season is here again and tomorrow is the first scheduled release.  The releases scheduled for April are Fridays 15th , 22nd and 29th.   Monday and Saturday releases start in May so now is the time to book your upper yough trip!!

Release times through May are 10am to 1pm and don’t forget;

The water reaches the put-in about 2 hours after the release;  the water at the put-in begins to fall about 1.25 hours after the release ends.  Don’t linger on late afternoon runs:  the paddle out is long and flat . . . and that’s with water!  The end of the bubble reaches Lost and Found — the last major rapid — about 3 hours after the release ends;  it reaches the take-out in Friendsville about an hour later.  Don’t fall behind the bubble.


Stop in the Wilderness Voyageurs Friendsville Store before or after your trip for all your  gear needs.

The above information probably does not make a lot of sense to you.. It is aimed at kayakers.  If you want to get on the Upper Yough and see what all the excitement is about, just hop on one of our rafting trips.  No need to figure out the lingo and try to determine lake levels and bubble speeds.

Summer time Class 5 whitewater rafting!

That  is the beauty of the Upper Yough.  Water releases from Deep Creek Lake that arrive every Monday and Friday and Saturday all summer long.  Rafting trips depart from Friendsville, Maryland.  Meet us at our Upper Yough Rafting base on Maple street, next to the river.  This is where we equip you with your rafting gear and then hop on the bus for the 15 minute  shuttle to Sang Run, where we will actually hop on the river.

About 4 hours and 11 river miles later we will float back into Friendsville.   Lunch /  dinner is served on the deck overlooking the Yough.  Here we will swap stories of the day’s action as we look back up the beautiful canyon.

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Directions to Friendsville, Md whitewater rafting

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