The Remix XP – ultimate Crossover?

The Remix XP – ultimate Crossover?

This post is a continuation of this post about taking Crossover Kayaks on the Cheat Canyon.

So, the Remix XP. Right. Well, the thing is, this boat is a tub. I should mention I loaded my meager 160 lbs into the XP 10, whereas I probably should have had the XP 9. I found myself working very hard to perform ferry’s, S turns, and the like. Going downriver, the boat would sometimes get blown off line.

However, this kayak is remarkably stable. I was going through huge rapids and never came close to flipping over. Rec boaters: you will really appreciate the boat’s stability – it will really increase your comfort on the water. The boat is also very adept at surfing. Just like the Remix, the Remix XP has less stern volume, allowing the nose to stay up in waves and holes. I got a huge surf on a big wave – really fun!

Speed was what you’d expect from a 10′ boat, and the skeg system is clean and efficient. The boat tracked well with the skeg out, but a word of caution: twisting the lever to drop the skeg can allow some water to get in the boat, so don’t leave it down in the whitewater! Don’t worry, it’s not an issue in flatwater.

The outfitting is where this boat shines. Liquid Logic’s Bad Ass outfitting is superbly comfortable and also very supportive and easy to adjust. The hatch is easy to open and close, if not 100% dry. The drainplug is a welcome addition. Adaptable for fishing with the Angler package too!

Overall, I’d say this boat is exactly what you’d expect from a crossover. You can recreate in it comfortably, run hard whitewater, and do multi-day trips. Unlike the Pyranha Fusion, which is a whitewater boat with a hatch and a skeg, the Remix truly spans the gap between whitewater and flatwater.

The Remix XP going through Big Nasty on the Cheat Canyon, West Virginia

Paddling the Remix XP in hard whitewater is a little more work, but you can still get the boat to go where you need. Excellent stability means you're taking strokes and not bracing.


Surfing the Remix XP at Typewriter on the Cheat Canyon, West Virginia

The Remix XP is a pleasure to surf. The lower profile of the stern helps keep the nose up and makes front surfing a blast.