The Newest Addition to Pyranha

The Newest Addition to Pyranha

New for 2011 in the Pyranha line up is the Varun(God of Rain).  I recently had the chance to try the Varun on a quick loop run and I’m pretty impressed with it. This is basically a do it all boat; it’s a river running play boat.  It has a lot of characteristics of a play boat and it even looks like a stretched out Molan.

Similar to a Molan but stretched out and has ends

As a river runner I thought this boat was great.  It tracks nicely and was a lot faster then I expected.  It’s really responsive when making moves, ferrying and getting into eddies.  On the playboat side of things the Varun is dialed in as well. Like a lot of the current playboats the bow has a lot of volume (medium is 58 gal.), and can get enough pop for loops and other aerial moves, but the longer slicier ends make it easy to cartwheel. Another plus for paddlers of all skill level is how easy this boat is to roll.

The flat planing hull and edges make it super easy to get on wave and carve


Size     Length     Width     Volume     Length*     Width*     Weight

M         6’8”       24.75”     58 gals        35”          18.75”      33.6 lbs

*external cockpit



Because this boat is so versatile I think it’s going to be an awesome choice for a wide range of paddlers.  The volume distribution allows for all kinds tricks new school and old.  The added length makes this a fast fun river runner and you’ll have no problem getting back up to and on the wave.

Playing ♦♦♦♦ River running ♦♦♦♦♦

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