Sealskinz’ All Weather Cycle Glove Review

Sealskinz’ All Weather Cycle Glove Review

Sealskinz Glove Review: Escape the Brr as you Whir on the GAP

Sealskinz cycle gloves Wilderness Voyageurs

This cycle glove review comes at the perfect time for this season in our hearts and on the trails. Here at Wilderness Voyageurs in Ohiopyle, PA, I’ve seen one too many a brave biker waddle into the Outfitter Store with frigid hands, fingers curled up in red pain. Luckily, WV just got in a hot new product to swaddle those throbbing digits: Sealskinz’ All Weather Cycle Glove. Here’s our cycle glove review.

Escape the early grip of winter as you grip your handle bars on the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) with the All Weather Cycle Glove’s wind and water proofing. Not even sweat will get these puppies wet, as the glove is also breathable.

Could it be any more perfect? It could! While going through the  Sealskinz’ All Weather Cycle Glove review, we were wooed with the fit of the glove. Sealskinz pre-curled the fingers of the glove, following your fingers’ curl in relaxation or in must-make-it-up-this-hill mode. As for the rest of the mitt, the 3D fit makes the glove feel like a natural, warm layer. The material stretches when you’re making that strong grip on your bars for a comfortable fit across the knuckles and the back of the hand. The cuff stretches too and has a velcro adjustment to seamlessly fit with your biker arm garb.

You’re an intense rider? I could tell. While doing the All Weather Cycle Glove review around Ohiopyle, we really enjoyed the cushion and grip of the glove. The glove keeps off the pain of leaning on your hands with pressure point padding. The All Weather Glove keeps you on your bars with silicone contact point mapping.

Ohiopyle Sealskinz review Wilderness Voyageurs

Glove great for hands and devices!

Not only road savvy, but also tech savvy? The Sealskinz techs engineered the index and thumb of the All Weather Cycle Glove so a texter like Matt can poke his device while keeping his fingers snug in his gloves.GAP Sealskinz review Wilderness Voyageurs

There’s no sacrificing style with the All Weather Cycle Glove. Not to distract you from the fine foliage and finer guides along the GAP, the glove is mostly black, with just a pop of color along the edges of the fingers. For the fellas, a cool navy blue peeks between the fingers. For the ladies, Sealskinz picked a softer, sky blue for the between the fingers look.cycle glove review Wilderness Voyageurscycle glove review Wilderness Voyageurs

Go beyond the cycle glove review: go on the GAP!

You can pick up this trendy glove at the headquarters for Ohiopyle outdoors, the Wilderness Voyageurs Outfitter.  Here you’ll find biking jackets and other goods for the trail (no big deal, but we’ve got pumpkin spice Clif bars). Interested in more than just glove guidance? We can also guide you down the road! We have inn to inn bike tours to tickle your biking fancy.

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Feel the burn in your legs and not in your hands!


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