Sealskinz Cap and Sock Review

Sealskinz Cap and Sock Review

 Sealskinz Review: It’s Gonna be a Warm Ride

Ohiopyle Sealskinz Review Wilderness Voyageurs

Another Sealskinz review from the heart of Ohiopyle.  Avoid having your ears and toes painted purple from cold. We like to bike in Ohiopyle. A lot. We’ve got the one of the best rail -trails in the US; the Great Allegheny Passage or GAP runs right through town, and awesome road biking.   But we’ve had a serious case of winter, and now it is time to ride.  One of my managers coped with winter by riding on his bike trainer in our changing room. that is an addiction folks.

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Don’t ride in oversized closets.


Sealskinz has you covered from head to toe, or, as far as this Sealskinz review, they’ve covered your head and your toes. These products will give you goose bumps from how cool they are, solving the goose bumps from how cold you are.


Sealskinz, we’re in love! 3 Reasons for Hearting the Cap and Sock


  1. Windproof.      These products destroy wind! You probably knew this about the Sealskinz Windproof Skull Cap—it has windproof in its name. Worn under your bike helmet, this cap will repel the wind as you propel down wintry trails. The Cycle Over Sock also petrifies wind, keeping your toes safe in their shoe sanctuary.

Ohiopyle Sealskinz Review Wilderness Voyageurs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sealskinz Skull Cap Wilderness Voyageurs2. Warm.  As we investigated during this Ohiopyle Sealskinz Review, these products melted our resistance as they insulated our extremities. Sealskinz lined the Windproof Skull Cap with microfleece for warmth. Nothing like tiny fleece to keep the noggin at a functioning temp.!                                                                                                                                                              The Waterproof Cycle Over Sock, shocker, stops water. Dry socks are warm socks! Bonus: you can rock these socks year round, keeping your feet dust free during drier, hotter seasons! Sealskinz made both the cap and over sock breathable, so while these products keep you warm, they won’t suffocate your head and feet.

3. Snuggly.    Sealskinz designed the Windproof Skull Cap to be flexible, fitting close to your head and over your ears. Worried about your hearing? The earflaps are punctuated with little holes for listening, so you can savor the sounds (or silence, if you’re in Ohiopyle) of winter’s nature. Score!

Sealskinz Skull Cap Wilderness Voyageurs

Sealskinz kept the socks just as stretchy. The Waterproof Cycle Over Sock’s high stretch material gives you a pure sock-shoe love connection, streamlining the sock (so warmth doesn’t slow you down, speed racers!).

Sealskinz Over Sock Wilderness Voyageurs

For the best in cool weather biking essentials like Sealskinz products, wander over to Wilderness Voyageurs Outfitter. The Sealskinz Windproof Skull Cap and Waterproof Cycle Over Sock are durable, warm, breathable, and close-fitting. If you like to bike, why not take out winter’s bite?

Ohiopyle Sealskinz Review Wilderness Voyageurs



Buy Sealskinz Windproof Skull Cap and Waterproof Cycle Over Sock!

Ohiopyle Sealskinz Review Wilderness Voyageurs


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