Prana Bridget shirt and Desna Jacket Review

Prana Bridget shirt and Desna Jacket Review

Bridget and Desna Clothing Review: What to Wear this Winter

 Bridget Lined Shirt Wilderness Voyageurs

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Prana’s Bridget Lined Shirt and Mountain Hardwear’s Desna Jacket Review is the name, and winter in Ohiopyle is the game. The raw beauty of the Laurel Highlands Trail calls you with its boulder sandwiched and tree winding path decked in white. Or maybe cross country skiing the Great Allegheny Passage  while it is arrayed in fresh powder begs for you to take in the mountain and riverside. Whatever comes while you wander outside, that winter breeze freezing your core has to be stopped. It’s already February, and I still don’t have all the warm-but-fashionable clothes I need to survive the cold in style. So I went through our Ohiopyle outdoor store and selected a couple clutch items: one for the ladies, and one for the dudes.

Bridget Lined Shirt—Your Beeline for Winter Business

Prana Bridget Lined Shirt ohiopyle

Can you hear Mother Nature calling? For she who fears not adventure, even amidst the harsh winds of winter, try the Bridget Lined Shirt by prAna. Made from 100% organic cotton, the shirt is as comfy as it is cozy. The Bridget Lined Shirt’s thermal lining means you’re in business for booking it down snow laden hiking trails in Ohiopyle or elsewhere.

Bridget shirt review

Even if the only trails you’re racking up are sky miles, this piece is perfect for making you one happy camper no matter the coolness of the airplane’s cabin.

Desna Jacket—A Heart Attack-et

Blue Desna jacket Mountain Hardwear

For he who dares the outdoors while bears hibernate, we have Mountain Hardwear’s Desna Jacket. In blue or black, Mountain Hardwear’s Desna will keep you warm while giving the ladies a heart attack. #studalert.

Desna jacket Mountain Hardwear

Desna Jacket Ohiopyle Wilderness Voyageurs

The Desna for dudes is a perfect winter piece with its close fitting fleece, ideal for layering or for wearing on its own when the temperature permits. This jacket stretches too, so it’s no stretch of the imagination how much you’ll love the Desna.

This Bridget and Desna Clothing Review is coming to a close, freeing you to snatch up these essential cozy items. Enjoy the cold in fabrics that make your body feel tropical with the warmth and hot style of the Bridget Lined Shirt and the Desna Jacket.

Bridget Lined Shirt by prAna

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