Ohiopyle has the Pyranha Burn 3

Ohiopyle has the Pyranha Burn 3

Pyranha Burn 3 Arrives!

Ohiopyle has the Burn 3!!!   Wilderness Voyageurs has the Pyranha Burn in stock in all sizes.  But you better move fast, because these boats are hot.

With the snow melting and warm weather on the way, we here at Wilderness Voyageurs are turning our attention from the skis under our feet to the boats under our butts!  I have been an avid fan of the Burn since its first advent years ago.  Each incarnation has improved on an already wonderful ride.  What’s the latest improvements you ask?  Check it out!


pyranha Burn LL JefeNew Burn 3



Old Burn 2

The first thing I noticed was the edge.  If you are a Burn aficionado, it is half the reason you love the boat.  The older variations of the Burn had the planing hull of the old Rev whereas the new one takes its edge tech from the Jed.  Take this and couple it with a softer stern edge, and you have a boat that is more predicable, but still gives the paddler those crisp turns that make the Burn such a pleasure to be in.  The rocker has also been increased to help sky some boofs!

Even though the volume “feels” less, it has actually been increased by lengthening the boat, and thus the waterline.  By doing so the boys and girls at Pyranha made the boat faster and gave it better handling in bigger/harder rapids.

In one of the more significant moves, the knee box has been narrowed.  Sitting in it is similar to the Shiva.  This increased the paddlers comfort, takes away the need for gluing in after market foam knee blocks, and, most importantly, provides better edge to edge control.

I’m not personally taking responsibility for the “improvements” but I did have a little talk with Dave Fusilli, professional Pyranha paddler and personal friend, a couple years ago, and it looks like they managed to address all the concerns and suggestions I had.  No more knee blocks! More speed!  Quicker edge to edge! Still boof the heck outta drops and slice up the waves! Whitewater bliss!

If you don’t believe me, check out the Demshitz Burn promo video

You can demo the new Burn 3 at either our Ohiopyle Outfitter store or the Friendsville kayak shop.  All sizes, even the XL are available.

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