Ohiopyle office space; a little different

Ohiopyle office space; a little different

Ohiopyle in general can be classified as a bit “different”.

Ohiopyle Pennsylvania wilderness voyageurs

Ohiopyle is a small appalachian town with 65 ish year round residents ( most in their golden years) that is an outdoor sort of Xanadu.   We have an 18 foot waterfall in the middle of town, that is a sweet drop to kayak over, or float over on top of an alligator pool toy (will save the story for another blog).  But I digress. Above is an ariel picture looking south at Ohiopyle.  The white fuzzy area on the right side of the picture is the waterfalls, those buildings, that is pretty much the entire town.   All of the woods, that is the part of Ohiopyle State Park surrounding the town.

Yesterday, someone walked into my office stopped and just started chuckling. This is not uncommon, the antics are non-stop when you have 50 + adrenaline seeking nature lovers working in one building.. This time the chuckle was squarely aimed at me and my office.   when you are a rafting and biking company, you will tend to accumulate strange items laying about.

Ohiopyle working Wilderness Voyageurs

When I stopped and looked around with someone else’s eyes, I had to laugh also.  We are not a            mainstream type of business and this is readily apparent when you walk into my “space”.   Well your first  indicator that this is not a normal work environment, may be the wet footprints that are always visible on the stairs leading to our offices.  There are plenty of interesting “non-businessy” items floating around, map of the Monongahela National Forest, Lionel Trains, carved stone kayakers, the list goes on.  But we will focus on the peculiar assortment of things laying on the floor surrounding my office chair.  Am I the only one who sorts and files their days affair in this method?

Lets examine the chuckle inducing items:

1) Dirt Rag Magazine; Do I have to explain myself?  We are in the bike tour business.  This is serious R & D that I am conducting here.  This happens to be the March issue, and they have some great info about Mountain Biking in Alaska.   Trust me!  You want me to read this, so we can take you to cool places on your mountain bike.  (Until we finish the Alaska Mt Bike tour, check out our Colorado Mountain Bike Tour)

2) Bicycle Times Magazine; refer to the above item, we are in this business.  I must stay current.  Also a wicked cool thing is, turn to page 48 of the July edition and you can read a gear review by none other than our own bike tour guide, Montana Miller.

3) Green UFO;  that is actually a dog water bowl, did I mention that on any given day there are between 2- 6 dogs running amok in our offices.

4) Can of beer; Hey this is also work related!  This beer happens to be a very special one, from Bonfire Brewing in Eagle, Colorado.  This is where we end the first day of riding on our  Colorado Mountain biking tour, Granny Gears & Micro-beers.  I need to sip this delicacy so that I can write a review.  This is tough work, but someone has to do it.

5) Menu; No it is not from the chinese take out place just down the street, because there is no such thing (remember, town of 65 people).  This is the new 2014 Falls City Pub menu, awaiting final proofing.  Of course we are a little behind, had hoped to launch it last weekend.

6) Pelican box and Throwrope; At heart I am still a raft guide, and last week I managed to hop on a Lower Yough Rafting trip.  That was great fun to paddle along and do a little “Quality control” work on the river.

That is my story and I am sticking to it!  These are all very serious work related items and are essential to my daily work tasks.

Did I mention, I love my job.  As we say in these parts “Living The Dream.”

If this Ohiopyle thing is entirely new to you,  get the lay of the land by checking out an earlier blog about working in Ohiopyle.

The good news is we hire about 20 seasonal staff every year, and we are growing our bike business at a rapid pace, so there are year round positions becoming available as well.


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